How does a phosphorescent coating work?

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UAZ Offroader phosphorescent paint neon paint header How does a phosphorescent paint work?

The Russian YouTubers from Garage 54 an old one UAZ off-roader with a bright paint job overdrawn. But how does a phosphorescent coating actually work? The luminescent paint, which can also be used as car paint, is a very special tuning option. Phosphorescent surfaces have been known for a long time, for example on light switches or billboards, etc. But now it is also possible to use these properties as car paint. Ultimately, the varnish stores the daylight, which it emits in the dark at night. For this purpose, the varnish has special particles that are able to serve as a light source and to emit light over a longer period of time. A relatively short light time is usually sufficient to charge the particles accordingly. Less than an hour is enough for the particles to store the light and release it for quite a while in the dark.

How is the tuning varnish applied?

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The paint is applied as a car paint using a spray gun and is also available in a conventional spray can. The surface should have a light primer so that the effect is optimal. White is the ideal basis for the light result with a phosphorescent coating. But other bright lacquer tones, such as yellow, are also suitable for a phosphorescent coating. The daylight is semi-transparent. It glows in the dark! When applying the paint, it makes sense to apply several individual layers. A layer of lacquer is ultra-thin and can be overpainted for a short time. In this way, approximately ten layers can be applied on top of each other. The advantage of multiple layers is shown in the dark. Because the more layers of lacquer that have been applied with fluorescent lacquer, the better the storage capacity of daylight for the lacquer. As a result, the luminosity in the dark is better and long-lasting. To do this, however, it must be completely dark. Street lighting can, for example, result in the lighting effects being very slight or barely recognizable. The darker the environment, the better the luminosity of the paint.

How long does the paint's luminosity last?

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A phosphorescent paint has a long lifespan that, if properly cared for, can even exceed the lifespan of the vehicle. Depending on the outside temperature and the possibility of charging with daylight, the luminosity of the paint in complete darkness. Heat, such as in midsummer, is a very good prerequisite for the phosphorescence to be extremely active. During the dark, however, the phosphorescence diminishes bit by bit and the luminosity fades slowly. The more layers of paint used for the application of paint, the better the luminosity and the more sustainable the duration of the bright luminosity. More than 12 hours can certainly be achieved. In this respect, the coating application is decisive for the sustainability of the luminosity and the duration of the luminosity in the dark.

Luminescence = fluorescence & phosphorescence

One speaks of luminescence when a part of the absorbed light energy is emitted again as radiation on an object. But there are two main differences in the color scheme. On the one hand the Fluorescencewhich emits the absorbed radiation within a very short time and phosphorescence, which releases the absorbed radiation with a delay.

Is painting like this allowed on the road?

Luminous colors are a technical lighting device which emits light. And lighting equipment must be explicitly approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This is the only way they can be used on public roads. Such luminous paints are not permitted, so you are not allowed to use them on public roads. Parking in the public traffic area counts as participation. The following is the announcement of the Federal Minister of Transport: BMV / StV 7 - 36 25 60.08 of March 12, 3, VkBl S 1974: "According to Section 49a, Paragraph 1, Clause 2, luminescent materials also count as lighting equipment. They may therefore only be attached to vehicles and their trailers if they have been prescribed or declared permissible ”.

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