Tip: How to make a relaxed journey by car!

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There is a good reason that more and more people go on vacation with their own car. The train is often not a real alternative with the entire family and a lot of luggage. Anyone traveling with several suitcases and people will always experience a stressful time on the train. Having your own car, on the other hand, enables a quiet and eventful journey that can be customized. But in order for this to be really relaxed, some tips should be observed, which we will list below.

Preparation and adequate planning are essential for any longer car journey when the journey starts. Good route planning is important for this, which naturally also includes alternative routes and breaks. If there is an accumulation, it is always good to have an alternative route to choose from. The following applies during breaks: It is better to plan more generously than to plan too tightly. This applies to the entire travel time. Anyone who plans for additional air will arrive relaxed in the end, even without great stress. There are other suggestions for a safe and relaxed journey. If the holiday trip is with children, it is of course essential to pack small snacks and drinks. Definitely think of a game or other employment opportunity. Because there is nothing worse than screaming children in the back seat.

Tips for a relaxed ride

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Many simply pack the suitcases into the vehicle as they come. However, this can quickly become dangerous. In the event of a sudden braking maneuver, these could fly through the rear. Therefore, the old principle always applies to luggage and the like that heavy things come all the way down. A load distribution must be ensured so that there is no right or left position. Tools, first aid kits, fire extinguishers should still be easily accessible.

We strongly recommend a quick check before departure. Is the tire tread okay? Does the light work and are the brakes ok too? The brake fluid should be replaced every 24 months. The costs for this are usually around 40 euros. If you want to be on the safe side, have your car checked quickly in the workshop. This is particularly recommended for longer trips.

Emergency Preparation

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Despite all the meticulous preparation, there can always be an emergency. An accident, a breakdown or something else can interrupt the journey. A list of the most important emergency numbers should therefore always be at hand. If you are going to another country, the emergency numbers there must also be listed. In the case of another national language, the most important sentences should be noted on a piece of paper. Also think of warm blankets in the event of a breakdown.

A very important tip that many like to forget is the credit card. It is essential to pack two credit cards for the journey, which are kept separate from each other. If the card is stolen or damaged, the other one is still available. The same applies to the cell phone. A second cell phone or a charged spare battery are generally never wrong. Just like a complete replacement set of light bulbs. So you are prepared for most difficulties during a journey and can react stress-free even in such situations.

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