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Pollen and car paint: a danger in spring?

Pollen car paint disc

With spring comes the pollen season, and a lot of pollen fills the air. Cars parked in a garage are safe, but vehicles outside can be affected by the pollen layer that sticks to car paint. Fortunately, pollen damages the car paint not directlybecause they are very soft. However, problems can arise when pollen comes into contact with other substances such as Saharan sand, which can lead to the emery effect. To avoid scratching the windshield, you should before the trip spray the pane with water or a garden hose.

Regular car washes recommended in spring

Although pollen is not harmful to the car paint itself, it is advisable to wash the vehicle regularly in the spring. The pollen that forms when it rains can clog drainage holes, for example at the bottom of the windshield. This is particularly the case with vehicles that are stationary for a long period of time. A regular car wash with wax programs protects against pollen deposits. The easiest way to remove dirt is to use a car wash. However, there are vehicles that are better cleaned in a wash box with a high-pressure cleaner, such as with matt paintwork. Waxing and polishing the car paint also offer additional protection against pollen. But which trees leave traces and pollen on the car paint at all? Below is a small overview:

Tree species Tree species
Pines (Pinus) Birches (Betula)
Alders (Alnus) Ash trees (Fraxinus)
Oaks (Quercus) Maple (Acer)
Plane trees (Platanus) Poplars (Populus)
Hazelnut (Corylus) Elms (Ulmus)

Car wash high pressure cleaner instructions vehicle 1

Wax and Polish: Protection against pollen deposits

Vehicles whose paintwork has been waxed and polished have less surface area for pollen and other dirt to attack. These treatments increase protection against pollen build-up and help keep the vehicle clean during the pollen season. In conclusion, in the spring it is important to regularly wash the car and, if necessary, wax and polish it to protect it from pollen and other contaminants. Although pollen does not damage the paint itself, it can have undesirable effects when combined with other substances. Careful cleaning and care of the vehicle will help to avoid these problems.

pollen car paint car tree

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