Change the pollen filter yourself: this is how the climate in the car is right again!

Step-by-step instructions for breastfeeding with the emeibaby carrier: Change the pollen filter yourself! Where and how the cabin filter is installed depends on the vehicle differently be. That's why there is two different Approaches to changing the pollen filter yourself. Where the filter is located can be User Guide from the vehicle. This is based on drawings and schemes three parallel and curved lines characterized.

  • Option 1 - If the filter is at the top of the bonnet, i.e. behind the Cowl and the Bulkhead is installed.
    - 1. After the last trip it should at least 30 minutes to be waited for so no risk of burns consists.
    - 2. Mostly it is necessary remove the wipers. The screws can be loosened with a suitable open-end wrench. These can then be levered out when the hood is closed.
    - 3. The hood is opened and if necessary with a Hood rod fixed.
    - 4. The Cowl, so the plastic cladding below the windshield, will be removed. To do this, the clips that attach the cowl levered out.
    - 5. Also the frame of the cabin filter is with clinch gesichert, the pulled up over the edge can be. Then the old filter is pulled out of the frame.
    - 6. Before the new filter is used, you should Size and Positioning of the frame. It is important that the Installation direction Right. The arrows on the frame indicate the "Air Flow“And offer a additional help at. These arrows must towards the interior point.
    - 7. The brackets are again placed on the filter housing and then the cowl again on the Bulkhead assembled. Nachdem the hood is closed, the windshield wipers reattached.
    8. Then be Vehicle and Air conditioning started. It should do two things geprüft will. For one thing, whether the set temperature is achieved, on the other hand, whether the change from cold zu "warm done quickly. If this is the case, the filter was replaced successfully.

When the filter is inside

  • Option 2 - If the filter is in inner space is located (Interior filter).
    - 1. If the filter is in inner space, then he's mostly on the nearside either under the Glove compartment or by footwell to find. The housing is accordingly marked. Otherwise it must Glove compartment removed so that the housing can be reached.
    2. Around the filter housing take out, must they clinch solved will. Both will pushed inwards at the same time and subsequently raised.
    3. The pollen filter will including frame out of the case pulled out.
    4. The filter will exchanged. Be there Size and Positioning of the frame compared with the new filter. The Installation direction is crucial because the arrows need to be on the frame point towards the interior.
    5. The Brackets are placed on the housing and pushed outward until a clearer one Resistance can be felt or the brackets snap into place.
    6. The Glove compartment if removed, use the existing screws again attached.
    7. The Motor and the Air conditioning are started. There are two things that should be checked. On the one hand, whether the set Temperature is achieved, on the other hand, whether the Change from cold zu "warm done quickly. If this is the case, the filter was replaced successfully.

Which errors can occur during assembly?

The Switch of the filter is general easywhy even beginners save rough Mistakes can be made. However, it must be ensured that Windshield wiper and other parts that are re-assembled correct screwed on are. On the other hand, it can too vibrations that lead to unsightly noises while driving. If so, both the screws as well as the clinch erneut followed .

The biggest mistake of the the auftret can is that the filter is installed the wrong way round. If this is the case, the fine layers become clogged with coarse dirt. That leads to a shorter lifespan as well as one reduced mileage of Cabin filter. This is why it is particularly important to refer to the correct installation direction to pay attention.

Why is the pollen filter installed in the car?

The pollen filter, nowadays also called Interior filter can do more than just filter pollen. The spare part ensures the right climate, because it has a direct influence on the air quality in the car. Mostly, however, it is forgotten, so that many drivers use one for a long time dirty Drive pollen filter. In most vehicle models, it can be changed easily and straightforwardly in just a few minutes. And also the Costs are for a new filter not high.

What are the tasks of the cabin filter?

The Interior filter ensures the right air quality in the car by filtering unwanted particles that are in the air drawn in from outside. In cities, where dust and dirt are also harmful Fine particles are in the air, this task is especially important. Because Hydrocarbons, Ozone, soot, Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen are also included in the filter. In spring and summer are also Pollen filtered from the air that for Allergic a problem. If the filter is working properly, the holder is included almost 100 percent. The cabin filter ensures that the car has enough fresh air for a pleasant driving experience.

It is interesting that the Heating and the Air conditioning clear fewer the better the cabin filter works. This makes it easier to reach the desired interior temperature and use up the engine less fuel. As a result, he hits himself again less CO2 and other particles. The regular changes the cabin filter not only supports your own well-being in the vehicle, it also contributes aktiv contributes to the fact that the environment is significantly less polluted.

The cabin filter: the most important things at a glance

What is the role of the cabin filter?

  • With the help of the cabin filter, various unwanted particles from the air filteredthat are attracted from outside the car through the ventilation.
  • In addition to dirt and dust are also Allergens, odors, Toxins and Pollen absorbed by the filter.

Which symptoms indicate wear and tear?

  • The air in the car smells worse and looks musty.
  • The Performance the air conditioning deteriorated themselves.
  • It can allergic Symptoms arise.
  • A pair of increased Fuel consumption.
  • Studded Windows in autumn and winter.

How often should the filter be changed?

  • The cabin filter will either annually or after around 15.000 kilometers changed.
  • The manufacturer's information can differ.
  • Ideally, the filter is in spring changed.

Which cabin filter should I buy?

  • Standard filters are only on simple work designed and held save Odors off.
  • Activated carbon filter are suitable for filtering odors. They are also beneficial for allergy sufferers.
  • Biofunctional filters are particularly suitable for empfindlich to Menschen.

Signs that a change is necessary?

The signs of when it is necessary to change the cabin filter, distinguish themselves. This is because the filter is involved in many processes both directly and indirectly. The first sign, however, is often a musty odor, which can also be a sign that the Air conditioning is dirty. On the other hand, the Airflow of the fan and the performance of the heater, then the signs are clear.

Also a increased fuel consumption or fogged windows, mostly in Autumn and in the Winter, are Symptomsthat at one strong dirty Cabin filters can occur. In this case, it is due to the windows misting up Water particleshanging in the air, may be blown into the interior. In the summer, however, the increased Pollen exposure in the interior a clear sign for allergy sufferers. PS. What can be done against fogged windows, we have in our article "What helps against fogged windows in a car?“Listed.

While there for the change no prescribed time there, most manufacturers still recommend that the cabin filter be 15.000 kilometers is exchanged. Even if there is less driving, the change should despite everything once a year be planned. The best time, especially for allergy sufferers, is usually early spring. This is because the strain on the filter is highest in autumn and winter. The exchange in spring thus becomes a optimal filter capacity ensured.

Which pollen filter is the right one?

Depending on the manufacturer distinguish the available pollen filters. The main difference lies in this in the material used.

  • The Standard filter usually consists of one prefilter from Cotton fibersto Microfiber layer and a Carrier fleece. Coarse particles like Dust, Pollen and particulate matter are using the standard filter Reliable filtered. However, he can others Particulatethat get into the interior, not filter. So it is for sensitive people ungeeignet.
  • The Activated carbon cabin filter corresponds to the structure of the standard filter. He has one additional activated carbon layer. This will add exhaust, particulate matter, odors, but also harmful gases filtered. With this filter, the indoor climate is improved and the air conditioning can easy work. So he's also for Allergic and empfindlich to People suitable.
  • The biofunctional filtersAlso allergen filter called, depends on the manufacturer differently designated. A Polyphenol coating. This is antiallergenic and antimicrobial. So it also lasts Allergens, bacteria and Mold spores from going into the interior to advance. This filter is best for for disease-prone or very empfindlich to Menschen.

Can the pollen filter be cleaned?

Cleaning is usually enough not out. Because with one Vacuum cleaners or a Compressed air system While it is possible to do a lot visible dirt particles however, the deeper layers of the filter will be removed not cleaned. That is also the reason why the Filter performance after cleaning not significant elevated. Therefore, there is usually no avoiding a change, although cleaning is generally recommended as the first step.

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