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Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic. The production of the plastic can be done in various ways and the use of thermoplastics is diverse in industry and commerce. Polycarbonate is known, for example, for use in the field of sunglasses. The plastic lenses of sunglasses can be made of such a material. Polycarbonate sheets are for example marketed under the trade name MAKROLON (R). The plates are used in greenhouses or conservatories. But what role does polycarbonate, or PC, play for rims? And what properties does polycarbonate offer? These and other questions are explained below. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Polycarbonate Sheets - Properties

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Polycarbonate is considered, even in sheet form, as very robust, durable and above all resistant to weathering. Ultraviolet radiation should even be completely blocked by the plates. Therefore, PC boards are used in conservatories. In general, however, it should be noted that polycarbonate can deform. The material also reacts to environmental substances. Therefore, it is questionable whether polycarbonate can be used seriously in the production of rims. Rims made of polycarbonate are in Germany anyway should not approved and therefore prohibited for use on the road. Nevertheless, polycarbonate rims are eye-catchers at auto shows and show off tuned cars.

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For example, the Windrad brand presented an illuminated polycarbonate rim at a motor show in 2014. and also the West Coast Customs team with an Audi R8. Furthermore, in some Internet forums there is a note that the manufacturer Lexani and Forgiato Wheels (D'Vinci Forgiato Radurra) have offered polycarbonate rims abroad for over $ 5.000 "per rim". The rims should be available in sizes 24 ", 22" and 20 ". But we have also seen transparent 30-inch monitors. However, various problems and the low demand due to the extremely high prices caused the manufacturers to stop expanding production.

Polycarbonate rims for cars - do they exist?

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In the tuning area and otherwise in the automotive sector, polycarbonate is therefore not used for driving on the road. But why can not polycarbonate rims be used on the road? The rims made of polycarbonate would be relatively flammable and are not resistant to chemicals such as ammonia. For example, ammonia can be found in bird droppings, fertilizers and many other naturally occurring constituents. Furthermore, the rims must be able to carry the weight of the car. Particularly extreme are the forces acting on the rims when braking, when accelerating or cornering. A dynamic force is for example the cornering force. As the name implies, the cornering force is the lateral force that the tire generates to change direction. This power is transmitted through the rim and should not be underestimated. Add to that the poor ventilation of the brake system due to the completely closed rims and the fact that the wheels inside soiling quickly and only by the reduction the wheel can be cleaned.

How is polycarbonate produced?

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Polycarbonate is produced in condensation processes of diols and phosgene. The process referred to as polycondensation has significance, above all, for the preparation of bisphenol A and other bis-hydroxy compounds. In addition to the more dangerous manufacturing processes, there are also less dangerous ways to win PC. For example, by transesterification (from carbonic acid diesters). At the end... Rims made of polycarbonate can be realized in transparent or colorful versions. However, they are only used for show on car and tuning shows and are not found on roads in Germany. In Germany, PC rims are prohibited. You do not have a TÜV approval. They are simply not as stable as conventional rims and ventilate the brake system insufficient. And please do not get the idea and Build the parts yourself - everything is different in Russia!

definitely perfect for a show vehicle

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