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USA Tuning Term: What are Pro Touring Vehicles?

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Ringbrothers 608 PS De Tomaso Pantera ARDNLN Restomod Tuning 9 USA Tuning Term: What are Pro Touring vehicles?

Any muscle car that comes with modern components has been equipped, the designation "Pro-Touring" carry. With this style, classic US vehicles are combined with modern ones Chassis, brake and drive parts equipped to make them more "drivable". After all, the cars should be driven. "Pro Touring" found its origin in the GM manager Mark Stielow and Journalist Jess Smithwhich once was for the "Chevy High Performance Magazine“Were responsible. After the magazine reported on Stielow's white 69 Camaro, which he tuned for “One Lap of America”, “Pro Touring” boomed. With "The Mule", "Red Devil" and "Mayhem", Stielow has built a number of trend-setting Chevrolet Camaros, many of which have graced the covers of renowned magazines such as Hot Rod magazine, Car Craft magazine and the popular Hot Rodding -Magazine. Alongside the first-generation Camaro, the Ford Mustang was the most popular base vehicle for such a conversion.

always with you, an engine tuning

White Post Restorations 1971 DeTomaso Pantera V8 Rrestomod Tuning 5 USA Tuning Term: What are Pro Touring vehicles?

Enough performance Of course, it couldn't be missing. In order to be able to bring these onto the road, Pro-Touring vehicles are usually also equipped with a corresponding one landing gear fitted. Either the vehicles are upgraded to a modern one Independent suspension retrofitted or thanks to shorter springs and matching shock absorbers lowered. Are also popular modern rims in larger formats than they were in the 60s and 70s. The contact with the asphalt is usually made by rims Low-profile tires in sizes from 17 to 20 inches here.

Pro Touring and Restomod - the differences!

1946 Dodge Power Wagon 6x6 Pickup Restomod 28 USA Tuning Term: What are Pro Touring vehicles?

The differences between Restomod and Pro Touring vehicles are not that big. The Restomod vehicle is also converted to an old classic with the addition of modern components such as engine, chassis, etc. instead. The focus is here, however can not be on the best drivability or even one Circuit suitability, but rather on Show and appearance. When the Restomod comes one 21 inch rim with 25 mm cross-section would be more likely to use a Pro Touring vehicle 19 inch rim with larger cross-section and put suitable tires. A Pro Touring vehicle simply wants to be driven more dynamically than the Restomod and accordingly the conversions are different.

the focus is on absolute drivability

At the end... Classics that have been converted with a view to performance are called “Pro-Touring” vehicles. Chassis, brake system, interior, drive train and optics are equipped with modern components in order to match or even surpass the properties and capabilities of current high-performance vehicles. The focus of the renovation is clearly on the drivability, regardless of whether it is driven on the street, the racetrack or the drag strip. The vehicles are for active driving definite and not necessarily typical Show & Shine Fellow. Even if there is no rule that determines the type of vehicle, pony cars like the Chevrolet Camaro enjoy great popularity in the first and second generation. But also that Ford Mustang and De Tomaso Pantera are often used for a renovation.

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Restomod differentiated Pro Touring USA tuning term: What are Pro Touring vehicles?

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Retrofit: How you can retrofit modern technology!

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High performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

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Vehicle on-board diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

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