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More grip on the rim - PROTRACK ONE with knurling!

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PROTRACK ONE Knurling Tuning More grip on the rim PROTRACK ONE with knurling!

Graefendorf, July 2020: The circuit courses in Europe were opened a little later this year due to the corona situation, but many motorsport enthusiasts and owners of specially prepared track tools are still enthusiastic about the race tracks. Tires in particular start to spin unintentionally on the rim when there are high loads during longitudinal and lateral acceleration. The resulting dynamic imbalance not only leads to unwanted vibrations and increased wear, but also to poorer driving behavior and longer braking distances. To prevent twisting between the rim and the tire, PROTRACK GmbH delivers all motorsport and road bikes of type ONE from the production period 11/2019 with knurled contact surfaces on the rim shoulder. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

better interlocking

PROTRACK ONE as an alternative beadlock alloy rim Tuning 1 More grip on the rim PROTRACK ONE with knurling!
The 5 mm wide knurling RAA according to DIN 82 is intended to prevent the tire from twisting on the rim. The process is used as standard on all PROTRACK model ONE bikes from production date 11/2019.

On all PROTRACK wheels of the ONE model, which was designed for use in material-intensive motorsport in the design phase, a 11 mm wide RAA (DIN 2019) knurled type with pressure will be standard on both rim shoulders from the production date 5/82 onwards incorporated. In so-called knurling (or knurling), toothed steel wheels press into the surface and create the desired pattern. This non-cutting process is used to produce non-slip surfaces on cylindrical workpieces. The type and position of the knurling on the rim shoulders of the rim was first defined in the CAD and the functionality was simulated on the PC. The most promising variants in the simulation were then produced in the factory and extensively tested on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

different formats available

PROTRACK ONE as an alternative beadlock alloy rim Tuning 2 More grip on the rim PROTRACK ONE with knurling!
The knurling is incorporated on both rim shoulders at the level of the tire contact surface. Extensive test drives have subsequently confirmed the previously simulated data on the tire's ability to rotate on the rim.

"Despite the previous simulation, we were only able to find the best position and shape of the knurling with extensive test drives. In doing so, we ran a set program of driving situations based on selected criteria with tires from different manufacturers and incorporated the results into series production.“Explains PROTRACK managing director Christoph Penisch. "The feedback from our customers on this feature - especially from racing teams from the endurance championship - has so far shown that the complex approach has paid off.“Since not all sizes with knurling are in stock, it is recommended for interested customers to contact PROTRACK GmbH in advance. The light alloy wheels of the PROTRACK brand are available from direct sales or from well-stocked specialist dealers.

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