Pushing the car: Does it work with every car?

When it gets cold outside, the car keeps going on strike and does not start want. The causes are manifold. Of the empty battery using the defective starter up to a problem with the ignition everything is possible. It is particularly annoying when the car does not want to start in the morning, although you have to rely on it and neither have the opportunity to start Help consists (this is the right way to get started) another Battery charger is available. So there's nothing left but that Breakdown service to call. Or is there another one different possibility?

Push not possible for all cars!

An old proverb says: "If you love your car, you push". Is that still true today? Can without exception every car be pushed? It doesn't matter if it's one gasoline or Diesel acts? And regardless of manual gearshift or automatic transmission? And should be with one discharged battery no better after one start Help be searched instead of using the problem Push to solve? This guide explains how the Push of the car should be done and why not at all Models is also possible is. You will also find out why it is sometimes better to be on a Booster cables recourse.

Pushing the car: how to do it?

Before the car by Push can be moved to the start, it applies to some Precautions hold true. Ideally it should at least for two happen. Again and again you hear stories where the going it alone due gone wrong is. Because of a discharged battery try many alone the car to push, so that the motor has the necessary Energy Home Has. If the driveway or the road is a little too steep, then the car quickly gains momentum. If you don't manage to get behind the wheel in time, then they are Damage- or maybe even that write-off preprogrammed. Such an event should bent forward will and instead on Assistance be set. Depending on the weight of the vehicle can be used for Push for this reason two up to come Adults are needed. Then you can start.

  • A person takes behind the wheel place, kick the Clutch and lays the second or even the from drita Gang on (depending on the slope).
  • The ignition key shall turned around.
  • The helpers push the car langsam at. If the car parks forward on a mountain, it can just let it roll become. In this case, the process is also alone makeable.
  • Did the vehicle set in motion, one leaves the clutch come and gives some Gas.
  • If the engine switches itself on, it can be completely normal drove on become. Of course you should see the engine don't turn it off immediately, but those to charge the battery permit. All of them unnecessary consumer switch off.

The second course is inserted so that a soft start without jerking is guaranteed. Because through the higher gear will Circuit and Clutch less worn. The important thing is the clutch to let come quickly. Also must be accelerated immediately, hence the engine start an engine can.

Note: Will the car pushed, is the engine not switched on. That means the Brake booster falls away. Therefore the brakes have to be applied harder. So you react not as usual. Incidentally, the same applies to them Power Steering. If the engine is running, then the car should around 30 minutes be driven. That's the only way it can car battery erneut charge. This should be on unnecessary power guzzlers like Radio or Heated seats waived become. If the problem occurs more frequently, you must of course use the Battery replacement or about one Alternator check to be thought about. The following video shows how exactly pushing works:

When can the car be pushed?

Since the cars are of course different from each other distinguish, can also not every model in every execution pushed become. The question of whether the car can be pushed is particularly relevant to models with automatic transmission. But even with diesel it is often unclear whether that is Push is possible at all. In general, the following points should be observed:

  • The vehicle set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de about one Manual transmission feature. Then anders as at Manual transmissions will be at automatic transmission the so-called torque converter the thought behind the push stand in the way. This torque converter serves as a hydrodynamic transmission and thus as a send email now between wheels and the Motor. He is working exclusively with the engine running. Therefore pushing would be pure waste of time. But it is is also possibleto push an automatic car to get it from the to get a job if it unfavorable stands.
  • Can a car with you Catalyst be pushed? That too is not a good idea. When pushing could unburned gasoline in the Catalyst enter. If the ignition is then switched on, this can lead to a lasting Schaden .
  • The car should be one gasoline be. Because should a Diesel vehicle to be pushed, it is necessarythat still enough electricity is present in the vehicle battery. That's the only way they can glow plugs be heated up. However, if the current is no longer sufficient, the desired result of a starting engine remains from .

That's why it's important to respective circumstances to pay attention when the car pushed shall be. Because, for example, a car with Catalyst pushed, important parts can permanently damaged will. That goes of course too avoid.

Tow-starting Emergency start trick with automatic transmission?

Is it a old one automatic vehicle, is possibly the pushing with Automatic makeable. But the car is allowed save Shift by wire automatic own. That means the selector lever is allowed not electronically be controlled, but must have one mechanical connection own to the gearbox. Then open the selector lever Stages questions and the vehicle with another vehicle "towing". Then open the selector lever at a speed of 30 to 50 kilometers per hour Level 2 position and when the engine rotates, press the accelerator pedal. If the engine is running, you should rinse up again Position N change back. Park the vehicle downhill, the attempt can of course also without a second vehicle be performed. By simple push by some people it might be due to the required though Speed not or hardly be possible to start the automatic car.

When should the car not be pushed?

That a vehicle with automatic transmission should not be pushed is now known. And it can be different Causes give for having the car does not start. Does pushing it always help? No, pushing doesn't always help. The following is certain:

  • Under the above conditions, the car can be pushed, when the battery is empty.
  • If a starter is defective, pushing works I trotzdem. In this case, however, a Workshop be visited, so that defective part exchanged can be.
  • If the ignition is broken, the car can not pushed become. If the ignition is not switched on, the engine can not gestartet become. That's why pushing shows no success.

Which is better: push or jump start?

The Push only works today few cars. Because the proportion of cars with automatic transmission are equipped is very high. It is also used for the launch of most cars today significantly more electricity needed than was the case with previous cars. This is partly due to the fuel pump, Motor Control, but also that air flow meter. This amount of power can be used when pushing not be won. The following applies: The car should only be in Emergency pushed will. Instead, if the battery is flat, it's better to do it after one start Help to search. If this doesn't help, stay no other possibilitieswhen the vehicle through the Breakdown service to be towed.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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