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Race grids are in fashion: sporty looks for the car

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RACE South Africa Mansory Maserati Levante Widebody 21 Race Grids are trendy: sporty looks for the car

Race grids are popular. They ensure a sporty and elegant look of the car. And that, without investing much money or work. Race grille for the grille or the air intake are available in many variants and colors. Especially the honeycomb grid is popular, but also meshes are in demand. Race grids are made of plastic and aluminum, as well as steel or stainless steel. The selection is huge.

BMW M2 Competiton Manhart MH2 550 Tuning The 2018 10 race grille is in line with the trend: a sporty look for the car

The right material

Cheap race grids are usually made of plastic. Plastic has the advantage that it is easy to work with. Just like the standard grille in front of the air intake, which is usually also made of plastic, but it looks ugly and usually inferior. In addition, the lifetime is limited: plastic loses its color by sunlight and is often brittle and cracked. A regular renewal is the result. The popular alternative is aluminum. The material is usually more stable than plastic and not so prone to impact. The race grids are usually available with a powder coating or as anodized aluminum. This ensures increased resistance to external influences. Aluminum is flexible and can therefore be easily adapted to the structures of the car. But higher quality race grids are also available in steel or even stainless steel. In the trade, the grids are available in countless colors and variants.

Racing grid Race grid Race grid Race grille are in vogue: Sporty look for the car

That should be noted

Not only choosing the right race grid poses a challenge for users. The assembly often has an increased potential for error. When using an adhesive care should be taken that it meets the requirements. High resistance to shock and impact loads is just as important as good adhesion to a wide variety of materials. In addition, it should be ensured that there is resistance to moisture and salt (winter). When glued in the field of view, it is useful if the glue is sandable and paintable. When placing an order on the Internet, care should be taken that the grid is ideally not delivered on a roll or even kinked. This could cause the honeycomb or mesh pattern of the grid to be damaged, which would be a major loss in terms of optics. After mounting, check that protruding grids do not have sharp edges. There is an increased risk of injury. If you follow the instructions, you will enjoy the race grid for a long time

Pandem Ford F 150 Raptor widebody tuning 2018 12 race grille are in vogue: Sporty look for the car

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