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RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

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RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 4 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

Recently we have with our contribution "For precise timing: which performance box?“More or less comprehensive information on the subject of timepieces. Such a box is ideal when it comes to measuring accelerations or lap times with a vehicle. And now we want to take another look at a very special model, namely the so-called RaceBox. It comes from the company of the same name, RaceBox, and, as a pro lap timer, is an ideal means of handling all tasks related to time measurement with the vehicle.

That's behind RaceBox

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 8 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

The RaceBox came onto the market in early 2020 and right from the start it impressed with its diverse features and accuracy. The RaceBox is even a drag meter and a lap timer simultaneously. Thanks to the RaceBox power meter, speeds and best times can be measured optimally. This means that accelerations and lap times can be measured perfectly with the help of the RaceBox and it is quite small, which makes the device an all-rounder. The simple acceleration measurement for the car is therefore suitable as a lap timer. This can also be done on your favorite racetrack and the use of GPS guarantees a high measurement accuracy of over 99,5 percent. One external GPS antenna is included in the scope of delivery. There is also a 10Hz GPS receiver in the device and a USB charging cable. In addition, there is also a Suction cup mount included, so that the RaceBox can be attached to the windscreen without any problems.

Assembly is easy!

Simply attach the suction cup to the windshield and you're good to go. The external GPS antenna ensures extremely good data precision and can optionally be plugged in.

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 3 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

Measure acceleration - no problem

The primary task of the RaceBox is measure the acceleration. The measuring ranges are between 0 and 100 km / h and between 100 and 200 km / h. The special thing about it is that the device can define the areas. It is also possible to set the time for that quarter mile to get displayed. The time is determined automatically with the help of the measured GPS values. Be there Height differences additionally recorded. Information is provided on the Slope or to do gradient. The data is then shown on the display, and this can also be done on the smartphone via WLAN. To do this, the RaceBox app must be installed.

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 8 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

the RaceBox app

That plays an important role RaceBox app for smartphones. It is available in the PlayStore for Android and in the App Store for iOS. The data is downloaded to the smartphone via WLAN. The information can be easily displayed on the smartphone and can be saved in a private cloud. Each session of the lap can be updated with data on speed and G-force graph, but also the Ideal lines in the human body and facts about the Sector times as well as other data. Individual rounds can thus be compared with one another. This means that differences and driving errors can be displayed. These differences are determined with the help of special algorithms.

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 9 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

The RaceBox lap timer

The Lap time measurement is also carried out by the RaceBox using the lap timer. For this stand around 2.000 racetracks to disposal. Own Routes can also be created. The lap time of the current lap and the current speed are also shown on the display. The data from the app can then be used for further analyzes, with the sessions from the RaceBox lap timer and the drag meter being saved separately on the device. This simplifies navigation. The data is saved and can be viewed at any time.

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 5 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

At the end... The RaceBox is a device that combines many useful functions. There is an app for this, which also has a lot of features. The advantage of the RaceBox is that it is a independent device acts - decoupled from a large multimedia group. Independent also means that you do not need more than this device to be able to use the numerous features. The goal in development and design has been achieved - the device instructs Maximum ease of use File

RaceBox speed measurements Tuning 6 RaceBox for speed measurements and more!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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