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Racing optics while tuning remains - Raceparts for the car

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WP300 Alpine A110 Waldow Performance tuning 5 racing look tuning remains Raceparts for the car

Parts from racing, so-called race parts, are in demand. They provide a sporty look, but can also affect the performance and handling of your own car. But beware: Not all products are also approved in road traffic. A registration of the Automobile World Federation FIA is not a license for use on the road. Which parts are worthwhile? And which raceparts (also racing parts, motorsport parts) are only show? A popular way to give the car a charm of racing cars is the installation of a Roll bar oder sogar cage, These devices are mandatory in racing and protect the driver in rollovers.

popular - strut braces / strut bridges

Strut strut bridge at the rear Racing optics when tuning remains race parts for the car
Strut bar Rear strut bar

In addition, they have another advantage: The struts make the car more rigid. This increases the stability. A similar effect is the installation of strut braces, which connect each of the front and rear strut dome. In return, the passengers often find no place in the back seat after installing a cage. The installation of racing seat and six-point straps ensures a firm grip, even in sporty driving style. More exciting and also influential are changes made to the chassis. Replacing the shock absorbers can make the suspension harder, ensuring a perfect roadholding even when driving faster.

Rear wing, front lip and Co. as part of a body kit

Coilover suspension Koni tuning Racing look while tuning remains Raceparts for the car

In addition, the car can be lowered with other shock absorbers - a plus point in terms of the sporty look. With aerodynamic add-on parts, such as rear wings or front lips, the appearance of your own car can also be improved. In addition, these race parts can also change the driving behavior, especially at higher speeds. Watch out: Not always the behavior improves in borderline situations. After the conversion, it is important to slowly approach the limits of the car. In addition, there should be urgent attention to the approval and registration of the parts. In motorsport slicks are used, so tires without any profile. These tires are forbidden in traffic!

Slicks racing tires Racing tires tuning Racing looks tuning remains Raceparts for the car

Anyone who wants to ensure a better grip by changing their wheels, is well advised with semi-slicks. These tires are also approved on the road, but especially on the racetrack for better grip and faster cornering speeds. If you have little or no experience, you should be helped by a professional during the entire conversion. Especially the incorporation of Raceparts, which are accompanied by changes to the suspension, can have a strong influence on the handling. In the worst case your own safety is risked. In general, all other important changes should be accepted and registered.

WP300 Alpine A110 Waldow Performance tuning 1 racing look tuning remains Raceparts for the car

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2018 VW Tiguan R Line Aero Tuning 7 310x165 Racing look for tuning remains Raceparts for the car

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Racing optics when tuning remains race parts for the car

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