Racing driver - a child's dream for the 21st century?

Formula 1 racing car circuit 2022


The invention of the automobile went hand in hand with the creation of motorsport. Because it's human nature to compete against each other. And it's particularly exciting when it's not just muscle strength or agility that counts, but countless other factors, such as in motorsport. Anyone who is currently watching one of the major Formula 1 races will see that it is now the technology and the teams behind the world-famous racing teams that decide victory or defeat. Of course, most of the drivers are still among the best racing drivers in the world, but it almost seems as if any of you could become world champion or at least win one or the other. At least as long as the technology of the racing car plays along.

If fans today speak somewhat nostalgically of "the great time", they mean the phase of Formula 1 in which the racing cars became ever stronger, the set of rules did not limit everything and in which the talent of a Michael Schumacher in Ferrari even perceived by the layman. In view of the gloomy and no longer very exciting picture that Formula 1 gives today, one wonders whether the boyhood dream of being a racing driver can still be idealized today. If the racing fan is currently looking for answers on how to become a racing driver himself, then he will find quite conclusive instructions. Unfortunately, they often conceal the most important and decisive element on the way to becoming a racing driver: dear money. Why are there drivers in Formula 1 with rather questionable talent? In most cases, the answer to this is that the father owns the racing team or that the family is one of the largest sponsors at the ring.

Formula 1: the great fascination remains

However, even if the current racers have lost some of their glamor and prestige, the fan must not forget that there is much more to the premier class than just individuals. Formula 1 is still the ultimate. If you want to convince yourself of this and form your own opinion on current racing events in the correct way, you should Buy tickets for Formula 1. The smell of rubber, petrol, beer, grilled meat and the rush of adrenaline – these are the elements that define a race and luckily these are still present on race days.

Formula 1 viewers 2021

If one or the other is still chasing the dream of being a racing driver, he should give himself a push and just try it. In fact, nowadays it is quite easy to drive a sports car yourself. And a few laps on the racetrack usually show that it is not that easy to stay on the ideal line or to overtake. If you don't want to give up your passion for Formula 1 or expand it with other aspects of racing, it's worth taking a look at the History of Formula E. Time does not stand still and racing is also progressing. The only thing that is certain is that there will still be fans in the future who, looking back at today's Formula 1, will at some point talk about the forgotten good times. But the fascination remains!

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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