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[Display] Tuning your own car is a big dream for many enthusiasts. What brings a lot of fun, but can also cost a lot of money. If you can't afford the tuned car at the moment, you have the opportunity, at least on a virtual level, to tinker with hot sleds. That's why we dedicate ourselves to the best racing and tuning games that are currently available on the market!

Gaming is growing in Germany

For a long time, video games were considered a niche hobby that was primarily celebrated by geeks. Today, however, the cliché is long outdated, because six out of ten Germans play regularly. Virtual fun has even become one of the most popular hobbies in the country. Mobile devices are one of the reasons for the high number of players. The smartphone has been the most used platform for gaming in Germany for several years, and for good reason: Mobile games are often free or at least affordable, and most people already have the right gaming device.

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Very different genres are booming on smartphones: simple jump'n'runs and puzzle games are considered an entertaining pastime, while mobile versions of AAA titles really upgrade the platform. Even eSports like League of Legends have found their way onto smartphones. In addition, browser games score points that also work in mobile browsers thanks to HTML5. Many gamers visit a Online Casino via their smartphone and can access a large library of slots there. Thanks to demo versions, the games are available free of charge, but can also be played with a deposited balance. Even fans of racing games will get their money's worth with titles like Boost Racers.

The tuned car in the race

Cars are at the heart of many games, allowing fans to get into a hot car themselves - albeit virtually. Some games also offer the option of adapting the set of wheels to your own wishes and putting on the wrench yourself. We have found some of the best racing and car games where vehicle can be tuned:

  • My Summer Car: Even if the title of the game seems unspectacular at first, the tuning game has a lot to offer. Gamers start with hundreds of individual parts and have to assemble a working vehicle from them. If the vehicle has been correctly assembled, it must also be serviced regularly. And the needs of the driver must not be forgotten either. Players can order additional parts and thereby design their own dream car to compete in different rallies.

My Summer Car Game

  • Gran Turismo 7: The Gran Turismo game series should of course not be missing from any good list. The latest offshoot is Gran Turismo 7, the racing game also includes a good dose of tuning. The shop for this is more extensive than in all its predecessors and contains over 60 different categories. Here, players can swap out everything from air filters to new tires. However, the tuning feature will only be unlocked once a portion of the career mode has been completed. Instructions on the Internet show how to use the tuning elements skilfully.

Tuning options Gran Turismo 7 2022 6

  • Automation: Automation: Although the indie game automation does not have the high-end graphics that Gran Turismo 7 offers, it focuses entirely on the tuning area. In it, players can modify every little detail of their vehicle and thereby conjure up a unique vehicle. There are no hot races in Automation, instead the interface is almost reminiscent of a 3D modeler.

Automation Game Game

  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: In this simulator, gamers slip into the role of experienced mechanics and have to prove their talent on the lifting platform. Instead of just cobblering together the perfect car, they have to bid on old, ailing vehicles in auctions and completely refurbish them. Some of the vehicles turn out to be real diamonds in the rough.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Tuning is a popular hobby among car enthusiasts, but not everyone has the space or wherewithal to put together their own car. This is where video games score with tuning options in which the vehicles can be adjusted as desired. In some games, the hot sleds can also be tested on the asphalt.

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