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Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

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Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

Car racing has become an integral part of the video game world. Anyone who is enthusiastic about cars and fast-paced races and wants to race across the track themselves, at least virtually, will now find a number of games in all genres that make the engines roar. These games will hit our screens in 2023 and promise plenty of racing fun!

Race on the reels

Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

Whether arcade, racing simulation, retro racer or everything in between, the world of racing games is diverse. Even in the area of ​​online slot machines, sports cars have long since left their mark. This is shown by a look at slots that are available on the Internet and combine the classic gameplay of slot machines with fast cars. In the Cash Pump slot machine you go on a road trip along Route 66, while in Rally 4 Riches heated off-road rallies become the theme of the slot. Even endurance races are included, as shown by the 24 Hour Grand Prix slot, whose reels feature classic endurance racing cars. Fans of classic games who love cars will find what they are looking for here.

News from the racing simulation

Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

One genre that is particularly popular among car enthusiasts is racing simulation. Detailed vehicles, real physics and the feeling of real speed make these games gripping like no other genre. In this area, 2023 is waiting with the racing simulator Forza Motorsport 8 is a new hit that fans of the series can't wait for. Returning from Turn 10 after a six-year hiatus, Forza Motorsport aims to harness the full power of the Xbox Series X/S to take the simulator's realism to a new level. New tire models, detailed replicas of vehicle damage, realistic fuel consumption, significantly improved physics and much more should make Forza Motorsport 8 the most realistic racing simulation. Will they deliver?

open world racing

Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

Since Forza Horizon was released, racing games set in an open world have become particularly popular. The Forza Horizon series still reigns supreme here, but this year a game returns that ushered in the era of open-world racing in 2006: Test Drive Ultimate gets a reboot from KT Racing with Solar Crown and brings heated excitement Car racing in an open world. Players can move around freely and explore a virtual replica of Hong Kong on tires and, of course, take part in lots of fast-paced racing. The game is scheduled to be released this year for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S and One and PC.

arcade fun

Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

Arcade racing games used to be all the rage, but have since lost some of their popularity. That's set to change with the brand new Wreckreation from Three Fields Entertainment. This is an entirely new IP being developed by the original creators of Burnout. An expansive open world awaits, where players can generate their own tracks, parcours and more to let off steam to the full. Add to that fast-paced arcade races and lots of grandiose and crazy collisions that will get the adrenaline and fuel pumping in your blood. If you liked Burnout Paradise, you shouldn't miss Wreckreation, the spiritual successor.

Retro for 2023

If you are only too happy to reminisce and would like to be transported briefly to the good old days of the 16-bit era while playing, you will also find the right retro games in 2023. Kicking off this Easter is Formula Retro Racing World Tour, the sequel to the 2020 game that brings polygonal car racing from yesteryear into the 21st century. It continues with Horizon Chase 2.

Racing games coming to our screens in 2023!

The first installment of the retro racer appeared on Apple Arcade, but the sequel lands not only on mobile but also on PC and consoles, so even more retro car racing fans can experience the arcade game this year. If you want to throw yourself back into a 16-bit original of the SNES console, you get exactly that this year: With the Top Racer Collection, the former Top Gear SNES games land on modern consoles. Relive the SNES era this year with an HD compilation of Top Racer, Top Racer 2, Top Racer 3000 and Top Racer: Crossroads.

Racing games abound these days. In all game genres, the developers bring a lot of heated races and plenty of humming engines to the screens. This year, many games will again be jetting onto our screens, with which car enthusiasts can virtually throw themselves onto the racetrack.

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