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What is racing gear oil for the car? What is it used for?

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Mercedes SLR McLaren gearbox e1595217814904 What is racing gear oil for the car? What is it used for?

Tuned vehicles are known to like to drive in higher speed range, which is why the entire vehicle-related coordination must be kept in mind. This also includes special hard-wearing lubricantsas Racing or special oils. One reason for using special High-performance engine oil and transmission oil is the high risk of wear and tear due to engine tuning. Because regular driving in the high speed range and also reaching the engine's performance limit can leave traces on the wear parts or the engine. Wear parts are, for example Exhaust valves and the Valve seats, but also the turbocharger and the Fuel pump. These are colloquially considered to be "trouble spots" in tuned vehicles. And there are plenty of them in a tuned vehicle. In addition to technical adjustments, it is important that the brake system also has the right lubricant. And of course it also has to be the right engine oil. But does that even make sense? If you want to know that, you should take a closer look at the composition of the engine oils or gear oils.

Composition and application

High-performance gear oil sport oil tuning gear e1614688323205 What is racing gear oil for the car? What is it used for?

Racing gear oils exist too 90 Prozent from the base oils and the oil from the refinery. The base oil is therefore the most important component of the oils. The oils are based on polyalphaolefins (PAO), poly-iso-butenes (PIB) or a mixture of similar synthetically produced hydrocarbons. Ester is usually added to this oil, which is used as a solvent to expand the seals. However, the oils are only to be used when the vehicle permanent and is often driven in the high speed range. Many tuning vehicles are only driven on public roads and are therefore only subject to one to a limited extent higher and regular speed utilization. It looks different when using the vehicle Race be driven. Then there is aggressive driving on a racetrack. Correspondingly, higher loads are exerted on the transmission and the engine.

Special racing gear oil for the real racing professionals - characterized by many advantages

High-performance gear oil Sportoel Tuning gear 1 e1614688438886 What is racing gear oil for the car? What is it used for?

If you race your tuned vehicle, you should make sure that the racing gear oil is a Shift and differential oil acts. These products have been developed especially for use in racing vehicles. The gear oil offers a higher performance and one improved protection for an optimized runnability. The gear oils also usually guarantee Limited slip propertieswho have a high pressure absorption capacity and stable viscosity as well as one optimal wear protection feature. The oil also has one low foaming and ensures perfect lubrication and a Reduction in heating from the gearbox. Thanks to the special racing gear oil, the tuned vehicle often has a good or improved switching behavior, including in low temperature range.

  • Oils are also available with nano technology
  • High-performance gear oil reduces machine friction
  • High-performance gear oil enables better power transmission
  • High-performance gear oil reduces the stress on high-performance gear oil and extends the service life of the gear unit
  • High-performance gear oil ensures a reduction in running costs
  • High-performance gear oil for perfect clutch separation behavior
  • High-performance gear oil should also be suitable for winter
  • High-performance transmission oil should be universally applicable for the most modern manual and transaxle transmissions

Disadvantages: Racing gear oil can also have disadvantages. But these have something to do with the price, not the performance. Because they are more expensive.


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