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Radial tires! That is the difference to diagonal tires!

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Radial tires have carcass threads that are transverse to the tire running direction. The tires also have a belt that is located over the carcass. The treads and flanks of the tires have properties that are particularly advantageous in road traffic. Radial tires can, for example, excellently absorb uneven roads. Furthermore, the tire variant is considered flexible and at the same time stable.

Radial tires - construction, development, etc.

Radial tires Diagonal tires Difference 10 radial tires! That is the difference to diagonal tires!

The tire variant was developed in 1946. Radial tires were invented to have a flexible tire variant that can better absorb bumps in the road surface. Radial tires are stable and can optimize engine performance. In the tire variant, the carcass fabric layers are made of robust steel. The vertical attachment of the layers of steel and cord makes the sidewalls of the tires supple. The mix of materials and the design of radial tires help ensure that the tires are flexible and robust at the same time.

The arrangement of the rubberized cords gives the tire variant its name. These lie in one or more layers radially inside the tire carcass. This means that they are at a right angle to the direction of travel of the tire. The steel fiber strands, which are perpendicularly attached to the tire bead, and the belt, which is located on the carcass, contribute to the durability of the tire. Compared to Bias tires radial tires can last longer. The first radial tires developed are said to have lasted twice as long as the diagonal tires that were available at the time. However, due to their structure, radial tires are not suitable for all floors.

What are the advantages of radial tires?

Radial tires Diagonal tires Difference 12 radial tires! That is the difference to diagonal tires!

Radial tires are known for their optimal road grip and ensure good steering behavior. The tire variant offers a flexible tire wall and thus enables a high level of driving comfort. In contrast to other tire variants, radial tires show only a low level of heat development at high speeds. The tires also consume less fuel and are less sensitive to damage to the tread.

What are the disadvantages of radial tires?

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Radial tires are not intended for heavy loads. While the tires are less sensitive to damage to the tread than bias tires, they still show a low level of robustness in the tire sidewalls. Radial tires are not intended for floors and road areas where the tire sidewalls can be damaged quickly. Radial tires can also be a disadvantage with heavy loads. Radial tires are still available from specialist retailers that have been declared suitable for off-road use. It is advisable to inquire about the correct tires for forest floors, arable fields, and other off-road driving. Furthermore, suitable tire variants for trucks should be purchased. Interested tuners will find what they are looking for in specialist shops and can specifically ask about the right tires.

Radial tires - conclusion

A distinction is made between radial tires and diagonal tires. Before radial tires were launched, diagonal tires were used in road traffic. However, these have largely been replaced by radial tires. Radial tires are considered flexible and at the same time stable. Furthermore, the tires are durable and they have a robust tread. They are only less suitable for transporting heavy loads. The sidewall of a radial tire is less robust than that of a diagonal tire and can be damaged more quickly. Radial tires and diagonal tires are available as winter tires and also as summer tires. You can find new summer tires at info: What is the truth of the rumor that nitrogen in tires is much better than air? We did some research.

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