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Even more blatant - the Rat Rod as a used hot rod!

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Rat Rod Hot Rod Tuning Rat Rat Rod even more blatant than a used Hot Rod!

A Rat Rod is a special vehicle that is deliberately designed to look "optically unfinished" and rather worn when it has been converted, and is a kind of subspecies of the shiny and refurbished Hot Rods is. Rust, lack of color and an unfinished exterior are part of the special tuning of the Rat Rod. This look is optical (of principle one rat) the vehicles so wanted. In addition, the cars are often decorated with special items that come from completely different trades. For example, a wrench can be used as a gear lever or roof panels as sun visors. This tuning ensures that each vehicle is absolutely unique.

What does a classic Rat Rod look like?

Rat Rod Hot Rod Tuning Ratte 2 Rat Rod is even more blatant than a used Hot Rod!

For the special Rod Tuning advice, old vehicles such as coupes, limousines, trucks or roadsters from the years from 1920 to around 1950 are used as the basis. Older vehicles of these years mostly have no fenders, bumpers or bonnets as we know them today. In the 1950s, the vehicle models were equipped with it. Many of the models had Whitewall tiresthat were broadly elaborated. In order to achieve a stylish rod tuning advice, vehicle frames from the older vehicle types are often worked on other chassis. Good stability can be achieved in this way. A complex conversion of an actually old vehicle usually no longer offers the desired and required stability. If an old frame is used, an optimal tuning can succeed. It is just as well possible to simply use an old frame in poor condition as a template and then recreate it in proper style. Edited in this way, the tuning offers the best stability.

How do you work with the colors? How is the interior designed?

Rat Rod Hot Rod Tuning Ratte 3 Rat Rod is even more blatant than a used Hot Rod!

This special advice rod tuning always makes the vehicles appear imperfect, unfinished and used up. This is just as wanted. For this reason, only primer paints are sometimes applied. Matt tones, or satin and black are very popular. Just as well, partial areas can be left as in the original. The bare metal is sometimes doused with salty liquids and given a rust look as quickly as possible. This is how rusty spots emerge as a natural patina. This is also wanted. The effect of the Rod Tuning Council cannot be achieved otherwise. Inside, the Rat Rods often appear rather spartan. Comfort is not the top priority here. The vehicle owner is left a great deal of scope for his taste in the interior. The Rat Rods are often motorized with V8 engines from popular manufacturers. Small block engines are used for this purpose, such as those that Chevrolet offers or has offered. Classic rear-wheel drive is almost always chosen as the drive type. Commercial models can be selected for the gearbox.

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Rat Rod Hot Rod Tuning Ratte 4 Rat Rod is even more blatant than a used Hot Rod!

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Acoustic insulation, insulation insulation e3 4x3 Even worse the Rat Rod as a used hot rod!

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