Rear spats for the rear apron? What is that, actually?

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Rear Spats Bumper Spats Extensions approaches e1598602896160 Rear Spats for the rear apron? What is that, actually?

Rear Spats or “Spats” for short is an English term from the tuning area and describes the lateral approaches in the area of ​​the rear apron. Tuners from the American region use Rear Spats to improve the appearance and personalize the vehicle. However, the components have also been on display in this country for several years. The Spats are not just a visual eye-catcher, but are intended to represent a functional improvement. They were developed to improve aerodynamics and should have a positive effect on the performance of a tuning vehicle or racing vehicle.

Rear Spats - aerodynamic component

Rear Spats Bumper Spats Extensions 2 e1598602936804 Rear Spats for the rear apron? What is that, actually?

Rear Spats were created as a functional vehicle installation. The spats are supposed to influence the aerodynamics of the car. The side approaches in the rear apron area seem inconspicuous at first and in addition to the optically rather wild rear-spats shapes, there are also inconspicuous variants that are intended to increase downforce and reduce air resistance, for example. Spats can also have a positive influence on other aerodynamic components of a vehicle. Aerodynamic vehicle components such as rear spats should result in a more effective airfoil profile and noticeably reduce air turbulence and the resulting air resistance.

Combination with other functional components

Rear Spats Bumper Spats Extensions 4 Rear Spats for the rear apron? What is that, actually?

Rear Spats are to be understood as an addition to spoiler systems, splitters, diffusers and other aerodynamic vehicle components. The appearance of rear spats and the shape of the automotive components vary enormously from vehicle to vehicle and from provider to provider. The components can, for example, have an inconspicuous, smooth exterior and are barely noticeable on the vehicle. In this case, Rear Spats are used as purely functional vehicle components. In the tuning area, however, attention is paid to the individualization of the vehicles. So it's not surprising that Rear Spats can not only look inconspicuous, but sometimes take on aggressive forms and are among the more conspicuous components on the tuning vehicle. Rear spats are available in many shapes and different colors and can be foiled or painted. They also range from GRP to plastic and carbon. Whether functionality or looks are more important for automotive components is the individual decision of the tuner.

Aerodynamics do not only apply to the front

If a reduction in air resistance is to be ensured in tuning vehicles, then many tuners concentrate on the front area. A visually striking mass of functional vehicle components is installed there. There are for example splinters, air dams and other functional parts on the vehicle in the form of complete bodykits assembled. With Rear Spats, the interested tuner can design the lower part of the vehicle in the rear area and expand a conventional body kit. Special FRS Spats for the Toyota GT86 and BRZ Spats for the technically identical Subaru BRZ, for example, are popular, in order to achieve visual individuality in the rear area. In addition to striking and aggressive lines, the spats also reduce air resistance and have a positive effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics. Rear spats are better known in other countries than here. The vehicle components are constantly being developed and improved both in terms of functionality and appearance.

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Rear Spats Bumper Spats Extensions 7 Rear Spats for the rear apron? What is that, actually?

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