Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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Tuning GT4 P1 GTR Style Rear Spoiler RDBLA 1 Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

For many, the rear spoiler is considered the ultimate symbol of a sports car. For example, all vehicles have a rear spoiler in the DTM, rallies and Formula 1. And of course not without reason. But does it make sense to buy one for your private car? Which variants of a rear spoiler are there and what should you pay attention to? The following contribution will help you to answer these questions.

The rear spoiler and its functions

TechArt 991.2 Rear Spoiler II 2017 Tuning 2 Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

The function of a rear spoiler is relatively simple. He should reduce the buoyancy of the vehicle and thereby not significantly increase the air resistance. Sometimes it even happens that the air resistance with a rear spoiler in addition reduced becomes. This means that a rear spoiler prevents cars from becoming detached from the road if the speed is too high. The attachment of a rear spoiler is accordingly of great importance in automobile sport. However, many tuners do not attach a rear spoiler to your car because of its original function. The optics often play the decisive role. At the latest when you see a VW Passat sedan or an Opel Astra notchback with a rear spoiler, you will understand that. Vehicles that run a maximum of 220-230 km / h will probably only take off from the road in the rarest of cases. The “spoiler myth” is much bigger than the actual function.

for vehicle with + 250 km / h makes sense

TechArt 991.2 Rear Spoiler II 2017 Tuning 1 Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

Rear spoilers are available in a wide variety of variants, colors and materials. The price range is therefore extremely large. Ultimately, here is the own taste and of course the area of ​​application. A simple fixed rear spoiler can start at around the 90 €, but if you look for an adjustable version made of carbon can quickly be due several thousand euros. But beware not all vehicles, a rear spoiler looks appealing and sporty and on some cars such a completely out of place. No one with a taste would come up with the idea to mount an 200 EUR spoiler on a Mercedes S-Class. And also the brute rear spoiler on the roof of an Opel Corsa with 80 PS from the year 2005 seems certainly inappropriate. In the end, however, the personal taste always decides!

The installation of a rear spoiler

CARBON look rear spoiler SLIM lip tuning 6 rear spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!
chic carbon look

You can buy a rear spoiler for little money on the Internet. For example, if you want a small one spoiler In most cases, these are only attached to the tailgate or roof using a special adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. You will find many video tutorials on this YouTube, If you order a spoiler directly from the manufacturer, you should better install it by the professional staff of the dealership. Often, such installations require technical know-how. After all, you have to drill in a larger version and the correct alignment is not as easy as you think. When fitting a rear spoiler, there are also strict regulations in Germany. These state that it must first undergo an appraisal before applying to the corresponding vehicle. These are usually available at Dekra and TÜV. However, if the spoiler is to be attached, a general operating permit (ABE), the report will be omitted. Crucial for easy approval is that the rear spoiler does not exceed the outside dimensions of the vehicle.

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS tuning rear spoiler: an expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

Finally, it can be said that one should think carefully whether one wants to obstruct a rear spoiler on the vehicle. First, the spoiler and the necessary assembly cost time and money, and second, rear spoilers on some cars do not look good or are simply inappropriate. Sometimes less is more! We hope that you the info report on the topic / term rear spoiler (Other designations / keywords: rear wing, boot wing, boot spoiler, motorsport wing, motorsports spoiler, racing wings, racing spoiler, spoiler) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

Rear spoiler rear wing racing spoiler 2 rear spoilers: an expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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Heat protection paint Exhaust paint exhaust 4 310x165 rear spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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short registration US model tuning 4 310x165 rear spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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Tool holder craftsman conversion Ger% C3% A4tehaken 310x165 rear spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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Rockfall Protection Spray Protector Paint Underbody Protection2 310x165 Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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Epoxy Resin AWD Cutlass Tuning GRP 23 310x165 Rear Spoiler: An expression of sportiness or nonsense ?!

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