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Aerodynamics detail - rear windows flaps for the car

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Rear windows Flaps Spoiler Fin Tuning Aerodynamics Detail Rear windows Flaps for the car

What are rear window flaps and what do they bring? Have you ever seen a rear window flap (the wing-like thing) seen right & left on the rear window on a car? The chances are actually quite high, because rear window fins are quite popular. But the layman may not even notice them. Maybe you already own a car with the small flaps. Are you the proud owner of a VW Golf R Variant (MK7 series)? Then you are on your vehicle definitely Rear windows flaps installed. The Wolfsburg has this namely as standard at the start. And believe it or not, rear window flaps can be used for more than just cosmetic tasks. Of course, they make the car look a bit more stylish and it helps to beautify the corners and edges in the roof area / rear window, which is probably the main reason of manufacturers and tuners which are obstructing. However, as already mentioned, there is a reason to use lateral fins apart from the sporty design.

The benefits of rear window flaps

Rear windows Flaps Spoiler Fin Tuning 2 aerodynamics Detail rear windows Flaps for the car

The main advantage of rear window flaps on a car is aerodynamic in nature. They slightly improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which can even save some fuel. And who does not want that? Such spoilers help to make the air resistance more effective without causing significant weight. The improvement, in turn, makes the car more stable when it comes to higher speeds, and optimizes roadholding without affecting performance.

a few information about the manufacturers

Rear windows Flaps Spoiler Fin Tuning 3 e1562824071915 Aerodynamics Detail Rear windows Flaps for the car

Many automakers and third-party vendors (milotec, fastparts, kunzmann etc.) produce the small covers for the rear window right & left. But Volkswagen, Seat and the new sporty Seat offshoot "Cupra" stand out, with their outstanding quality and discreet design. But Mitsubishi should also be mentioned here. The rear window spoilers from Mitsubishi are particularly popular with car tuning freaks. Seat (also Cupra) impresses with the rear window fins even more with simplicity than the other two. However, with exactly the same functionality as the products of the competition.

Areas of application - rear window fins

Rear windows Flaps Spoiler Fin Tuning 4 aerodynamics Detail rear windows Flaps for the car

Of course, the whole thing has less impact in practice when it comes to everyday driving. Rear windows flaps or not, chances are you'll enjoy your drive just as well as ever. Possibly the vehicle consumes 0,0001 liters less fuel and possibly the car is also somewhat quieter in the interior. Furthermore there is a chancethat you only fly out of the curve at 180 km / h, where you would have been blown out at 179,5 km / h without these flaps. But if you are one of the tuners who attach great importance to optics, then the rear window fins are definitely a good way to further modify the car next to a new roof spoiler. PS. If the Finns are pretty big and massive, it can be the new gas pressure damper due to the additional weight of the tailgate must be installed.

for the detailed work during vehicle tuning

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Rear windows Flaps Spoiler Fin Tuning 5 e1562824492393 Aerodynamics Detail Rear windows Flaps for the car

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