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Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

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REGROOVABLE Regrooving Tire Car Truck Regroovable Car Car Tire Regrooving? Is that actually allowed?

Can you recut car tires? The regrooving of tires for car tires is verboten, when the vehicle is to continue to drive on public roads. In motorsport, however, there is the possibility of one, for example Semi slick by recutting to "Convert rain tires“By cutting an additional profile. To what extent the tires or the regulations of the racetrack / racing series, but that should allow previously can be found out. The following applies to the road: It is ONLY on commercial vehicle tires allowed to be re-cut, but only if the tire has the side inscription "REGROOVABLE“Contains. The following are not permitted for recutting:

  • the tires of two-wheelers
  • the tires of cars
  • retreaded tires (there are few exceptions for trucks)
  • the tires for buses and coaches (KOM) on the steering axle
  • the tires for dangerous goods vehicles (including the spare wheel)

REGROOVABLE Regrooving Tire Car Truck Regroovable Car Car Tire Regrooving? Is that actually allowed?

The road traffic law StVR, 38th edition, in margin no.7 to § 36 StVZO says the following about the cutting of tires: In general, recut tires are not allowed to be used on cars and motorcycles. In the case of other types of vehicle, it is recommended that the tires be cut in a specialist workshop if necessary. If someone cuts the tires themselves, the owner / driver is fully liable for the operational safety of the vehicle. Guideline on this in VBl 96, p. 400

Opportunities for commercial vehicles

REGROOVABLE Regrooving tires, car truck, regroovable e1626850997938 Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

There is a way to extend the life of your tires from the truck to extend. Especially at Commercial vehicle tires is the so-called Regrooving an interesting factor. But what exactly is regrooving? When re-cutting the profile depth restoredby removing rubber from the layer of existing rubber. Suitable tires that are suitable for regrooving have the label "REGROOVABLE". The ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) allows this technology and in this case the manufacturers of the tires ensure a sufficient rubber layer during the manufacturing phase, which makes re-cutting possible, but at the same time the robustness of the tire cannot impaired.

Benefits of regrooving

1. Longer shelf life: With an average increase in mileage of around 25% (depending on the area of ​​application), regrooving extends the potential service life of the tires by creating additional tread depth.

REGROOVABLE Regrooving tires, car, truck, regroovable 1 Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

2. Improved fuel consumption: When the rolling resistance of a tire is at its lowest, it is usually recut, which increases fuel efficiency and, for example, can 2 liters of fuel per 100 km can be saved (trucks). This is how the additional 25% mileage is generated by re-cutting in exactly the time in which consumption is lowest.

3. More safety - better adhesion: Regrooving achieves optimum safety and improved grip on the road by producing new profile edges. On wet roads, for example, lateral grip and traction are improved by around 10% with recut tires compared to similarly worn but not recut tires.

4. Increase environmental protection: The increase in mileage and the reduction in fuel consumption as a result of regrooving contribute to the environment protection at. The service life of the tires is extended in the period in which it consumes the least fuel, thus reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, an extended service life of new or retreaded tires means a saving of about 25 % of raw materials. In addition, there is depending on the manufacturer even the option of recut tires retread to leave.

5. Regrooving - but how? It is always recommended for recutting to hire a professional who uses knives as round as possible. If there are 2 to 4 mm of tread depth left, the professional can reproduce the tread pattern by recutting and adjust the recut depth so that a tread thickness of at least 2 mm is maintained between the layers and the underside of the tread tread. The prerequisite for this is that the tire does not Depth indicator hat.

Risks of excessively deep regrooving!

Cutting too deep can lead to the premature destruction of the tire and also jeopardize the approval for any planned retreading. From the moment the layers are exposed in the lower area of ​​the tread pattern, the tire is no longer compliant with the law. If the running surface shows serious damage such as holes, scratches, cuts, detachments, etc., re-cutting is urgent not advised. The risk is too high that the metal inserts will rust and cause the tire to deteriorate quickly while driving, which can lead to a sudden burst. Having a few fully assembled tires in stock ensures that the process runs smoothly and prevents vehicles from staying off the road for too long while regrooving.

The following points should be noted:

  • Tires must be marked "REGROOVABLE"
  • permitted on trucks, commercial vehicles and large tires
  • Recommended remaining tread depth is 2-3 mm
  • If possible, always recut using the specified profile pattern
  • some manufacturers offer model-specific tread pattern templates or recutting recommendations for their tires
  • Regrooving indicator / measuring points are available on truck tires at a distance of approx. 30 - 40 cm

When did a truck tire run out?

You should change the truck-tire usually when it is subjected to excessive stress or the profile depth is already below 4 mm. In the case of winter tires for trucks, a change between 8 and 6 mm is recommended.

REGROOVABLE Regrooving tires, car, truck, regroovable 2 Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

Retreading of tires as an alternative!

Not only does regrooving extend the life of truck tires, retreading can also give them a new life. And retreaded tires are even available for cars. All information about this is available in our article "Retreaded tires or new tires - an alternative?".


BMW X5 Plug in Hybrid Pirelli natural rubber tires 1 Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

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