Traveling with children in the car: tips for relaxed car journeys

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 Anyone who has ever taken their own children on long car journeys knows the questions that the little ones often ask. Mom, when will we be there? Dad, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I want to play, and so on, right now. Long car journeys with children can quickly become exhausting. This need not be. Parents should think about how to keep their offspring busy. Regular breaks must also be taken so that car journeys do not become an ordeal for the little darlings.

Ensure a relaxed atmosphere

If children are taken in the car, for example on vacation, they just have to sit still for a long time. This is a big problem for many, primarily smaller children. Parents should ensure a comfortable atmosphere in the vehicle so that the little fidgety philipps find it a little easier to sit. Not only the Floor mats in the Nissan Qashqai should provide a comfortable place for children's feet. If you take your favorite blanket or cuddly pillow or even your favorite cuddly toy with you, the little ones often feel more comfortable, especially during a long drive.

Before the trip comes preparation

So that parents do not have to face their children's whining questions during long car journeys, these journeys should be prepared accordingly. On the one hand, comfort in the vehicle must be ensured. The child can also be asked what makes the atmosphere more comfortable. For the breaks, it is advisable to research child-friendly rest areas. There the children can really stretch their legs and maybe have a bite to eat and play outside a bit before the journey continues. For safety, it is of course also important to buy a safe child seat that not only meets all safety requirements, but is also comfortable. So that the offspring does not get sunburned while driving, sun protection should be attached to the windows.

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Entertain the offspring

Children always want to be busy. This also applies to long journeys by car. Parents should therefore think about how they can keep their offspring busy during the journey. Exciting books with great, exciting stories should definitely be in the luggage. The child can read them themselves if they are not suffering from nausea. Independent reading can actually promote nausea while driving. Otherwise, adults who are not driving can read something out loud, or they can listen to an audio book. Games are also a good employment opportunity. Here the children should be encouraged to think. Of course, digital helpers are also allowed. Child-friendly games on the smartphone can be played together. It is of course also possible to watch the children's favorite film together on the tablet. Even old classics like "i see something you don't see"Or"car brands to name' is always good for a short pastime.

breaks and meals

Um car rides with children To make it comfortable, it is important to take regular breaks. It is recommended to take a break every two hours. This should be off the highway, perhaps in the countryside or at a child-friendly rest area that may have a playground. Having the right provisions is just as important as regular breaks. Here, parents should make sure that light food is packed. This is then not so heavy in the stomach. At a rest area, during a somewhat longer break, the big meal can then be caught up on.

Even if children like to snack, not too many sugary foods should be packed in the travel provisions. These foods only make kids more active, and parents will find it even harder to get their offspring to rest during the long car ride. Even children get tired during long car journeys. Parents should make targeted use of this natural sleep rhythm. Longer distances can be driven when the little ones are tired anyway, for example when driving at night. Keeping kids busy in the car is always a challenge. With the right preparation, however, it becomes much easier.

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