Removing adhesive weights and tuning adhesive weights: the information!

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Every rim has it that Rim adhesive weights! But how remote you get the glue residue, residue of the balance weights, right? And there is one Alternatives to the conventional fastening methods and also to the standard adhesive weights? We would like to briefly address these and other questions in the following article. If, for whatever reason, the weights on the rim are gone and only the glue is left, then you can Spiritus or dilution help. However, it takes a relatively long time and is extremely tedious. And mostly it can only be done with the help of your fingernails. An alternative is a Attachment for the drill, the one thick rubber washer and acts as an eraser, so to speak. And how exactly this works is shown in the videos below in the post.

preferably with a foil eraser

Adhesive weights Adhesive bars Balance weights Tuning Gold Silver Remove

Alternatively, one also works Adhesive and sealant remover. Simply let it work for a short time and then scrape it off with an aid such as a wooden spatula, etc. Before but absolutely on Paint and material compatibility check and wear gloves, protective goggles and, at best, a breathing mask! And you always have to make sure that cleaning with chemicals is only possible in well ventilated rooms performs. The same applies to experiments with brake cleaner, gasoline, label remover, white spirit, cleaning / lighter gasoline, etc.

Tip: If the old weights are still there, you should briefly warm them up beforehand with a heat gun / hairdryer and then remove them using aids.

New adhesive weights, what should you watch out for?

You should look for a specialist dealer who offers balancing weights, which you can use again later residue are removable. One possibility is that Clean Weight adhesive weights from the German manufacturer Nuoka. They can be attached thanks to a special adhesive coating residue and particularly easy from the rim surface again let it peel off. However, the adhesive weights still adhere excellently and offer high corrosion resistance in original equipment manufacturer quality.


Other special features: Adhesive weights are available in different colors thanks to different color coatings and can be optically adapted to the rim. The adhesive weights are supplied to the tire dealer on a roll or as a package. Weights of 5 grams each can be cut off and glued on. This means that there are no residues.

Tuning using adhesive weights?

And there are even adhesive weights as a tuning part. For example as High gloss or coated variant and even colored Adhesive bars/balancing weights are available. So there is the possibility to make an optical adjustment to the rim. There are also adhesive weights that visually indicate Gold bars or silver bars are ajar. Even with adhesive weights Initials or individual motifs are available. So you can even let adhesive weights become a visual highlight on the rim. We call that "Tuning in detail".

Adhesive weights Adhesive bars Balancing weights Tuning Gold Silver

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