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Remove insect debris from the car: this is how it works!

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insect remnants remove windshield cleaning e1632198948728 Remove insect remnants from the car: this is how it works!

Windshields full of insect debris not only look neglected, they can often not be avoided at all. After a long drive on the motorway, it is almost always the case that there are numerous dead insects on the paintwork, headlights and windshield. Experience has shown that the windshield wipers do not help either, instead they only leave unattractive stains and streaks. Such a pane is hardly closed, especially when driving with the sun low see through and significantly increases the risk of accidents. And over a longer period of time without cleaning, even the paintwork of the car will be affected. - The Tuning Magazine - reveals how to use your car gentle free from the insects - without much effort.

All-purpose liquid washer fluid?

Actually the most obvious solution, but still useless in such cases. The aim is to clean the windshield. However, the use of windshield washer fluid often aims for that exact purpose Opposite: Your windshield is instead smeared and you can see even less. So other methods have to be found in order to be able to effortlessly remove the hard chitin shells of the beetles and the remains of other small animals.

insect residue remove windshield cleaning 2 Remove insect residue from the car: this is how it works!

the paint is attacked over time

Attention: Contamination of the vehicle due to insects should always in time removed. Otherwise there is a risk of permanent paint damage. Because the protein in connection with the chitin armor of the small animals often attacks the paint. There is also the risk that the stains will literally build themselves into the paintwork due to sunlight and the heat from the engine burn in (similarly aggressive as Bird droppings or Tree sap). Removing them is then a real mammoth task. And if too much time has passed, then maybe only a professional will help paint treatment or even one Repainting from the affected component. And that can be expensive.

insect residue remove windshield cleaning 3 Remove insect residue from the car: this is how it works!

You should never use:

  1. unsuitable sponges (such as scratchy household sponges)
  2. harsh or caustic cleaning agents
  3. the fingernails or other pointed objects
  4. Non-intended cleaners such as wheel rim cleaners
  5. Household brushes or pot scrapers

Only by one gentle cleaning the paint of the car can be properly protected. And sensitivity is also called for when it comes to headlight and lamp covers, as they can be damaged quickly due to their high sensitivity. In current vehicles, the headlight covers are no longer made of glass, but only of plastic. And it is much softer and therefore more susceptible to aggressive cleaning agents or scratchy aids. An expensive one Preparation of the headlights or even the exchange the lights could be the result of unprofessional insect removal.

This is how cleaning works properly!

Special ones are suitable for removal Insect cleaning sponges. Furthermore, one enriched with protein solvent is also suitable Insect remover, which can be purchased in specialist stores and / or online. These products make it much easier to remove the insects on the windshield and also on the paint. However, there is also another cheaper and less expensive Alternative, which quite without special cleaner gets by. And a Fruit net made of polyethylene.

Polyethylene fruit net Remove insects disk e1632199601756 Remove insect remains from the car: this is how it works!

Such fruit nets are often at the checkout in the supermarket and, of course, in the Fruit and vegetable department to find. Then simply put the fruit net over a standard sponge and that's it miracle Cure ready to use. Now you just have to careful Wipe over the affected areas on the vehicle and the remains of insects will disappear by themselves.

  1. Tip: A little more pressure can be used with the fruit net on the car window
  2. Tip 2: simple glass cleaner works very well too
  3. Tip 3: a multi-foam spray (foam cleaner) works too

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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