Remove car lettering / manufacturer name? Our guide!

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For a little more understatement, we wanted to remove the model designation from our vehicle that adorns the rear of our BMW M550i (G30). The adhesive letters are not our taste and not everyone needs to know which model and which engine we are traveling with. Below is a list of the materials that will be used can, but not necessarily used have. It always depends on the model name, the manufacturer and your own skill. There would be tear-resistant sewing thread (alternatively yarn or a fishing line), Gloves, all-purpose cleaner or tar and glue remover, microfiber cloths, polishing pad, polish / wax and a hairdryer (Hair dryer or hot air dryer).

Before check how the letters / numbers are attached

Before doing this, however, it is essential to check like the letters / numbers are attached to the vehicle. Are they really just glued or are they maybe also with "Locking pins / detent pins“Inserted and fixed. If they are plugged in, then of course a hole can be seen afterwards. This should be filled in with tin, spatula, etc. and the surface repainted. Alternatively, there are also various caps for covering the holes. But does that look better then? You can check it by opening the tailgate, dismantling the panel and looking in the area of ​​the letters / numbers. Alternatively, the major search engines can help.

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The process by means of sewing thread

  1. Heat the glue and letters / numbers with a hair dryer. (heat slightly)
  2. Cut a piece of sewing thread. (if not stable enough, it can be used twice)
  3. Now the first letter / number is on the collar.
  4. Put the sewing thread behind the number / letter and remove the glue by carefully sawing (up and down, we recommend thick gloves, otherwise the yarn will saw itself straight into your fingers)
  5. You can now careful remove the letters / numbers from the paint.
  6. There are only a few bits of glue left.
  7. Do the same with the other letters / numbers. (the process is repeated until all letters / numbers are removed)
  8. Now continue with the glue residue and try to remove it. (try carefully with your fingers, possibly through Unrolling / pushing)
  9. If it's not that easy, reheat the glue easy with a blow dryer before peeling / unrolling it. (if that doesn't work, use the spirit, glue remover according to the instructions)
  10. The glue residue has been removed.
  11. Often you can still see them Contours the letters on the paint.
  12. Now you can use a paint cleaner / polish.
  13. But first rinse off dust and dirt with water.
  14. Remember Gloves to wear!
  15. Spread the polish generously on the surface and follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the polish. (Several passes may also be necessary)
  16. Nothing should be seen now.
  17. Remove polish residues with a towel and the area again with a vehicle wax versiegeln
  18. Done!

Of course, this is only one approach, there are certainly different ways to remove the letters and numbers. After all, many roads lead to Rome. In the end, it's the result that counts.

Remove string just using a hairdryer

  1. Heat up easy the paint: We have one for that Heat gun used. (You should always feel with your hand whether the distance to the paint is large enough and how hot it will be?)
  2. Separate the lettering from the paint. We didn't use nylon thread, just our fingers.
  3. The danger of Font breach is greater, but the risk of accidentally "sawing off" the paint is for it less.
  4. Remove glue residue: You can try the glue just remove with fingernails / fingers. Depending on the age of the letters / the vehicle, this could also work
  5. It is better to try to use the leftovers "roll away".
  6. If necessary, use a little glue / alcohol residue remover at the end. and the polishing as explained in the paragraph above.

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info: Older vehicles are unlikely to be able to easily remove glue residue. These are usually hardened and therefore difficult to solve. But it is feasible in any case! And one more info, depending on the manufacturer not only the model name stuck on, but also that Manufacturer logo. This is often the case with Audi, Seat and Mercedes on the tailgate. The logos are then removed as well as the lettering. But here, too, it is essential to do so beforehand check, whether plugged or glued!

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