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Digital vignette sticker E Remove vignette Remove vignette: This is how it works quickly and easily!

Anyone in countries with a Motorway toll is on the way, absolutely needs one Vignette. This must be affixed to the windshield so that it is clearly visible. Since the vignette is only valid for one year (or sometimes only for a few days) is valid, but it must be valid next year to be renewed. Removing the old vignette presents many vehicle owners with a small but often difficult challenge. This guide gives tips and names home remedies, such as the vignette without residues can be removed. And others can do that too sticker or about the Environmental badge / fine dust badge remove.

The motorway toll and the mandatory vignette!

Every vehicle in countries with a motorway toll needs a vignette. With the vignette occupied the vehicle owner to have paid the toll. This control is carried out regularly. The tax is to be paid by both residents and foreigners - regardless of how many kilometers are covered.

Digital vignette sticker E vignette 3 Remove vignette: this is quick and easy!

This is how the vignette is attached to the window!

Certain regulations apply when attaching the vignette. The vignette set a link from your homepage to can be glued to the inside of the windshield. The vignette is allowed exclusively can be attached using the self-adhesive function. Other means of attachment are not permitted. You can choose whether the vignette is stuck behind the rear-view mirror or on the left edge of the window. However, the vignette must not restrict the driver's field of vision under any circumstances. If the vehicle does not have a windshield, as is the case with motorcycles, the vignette must be affixed to a place that is clearly visible and cannot be replaced. In addition, it is not allowed to stick several vignettes from other countries or from several years, which is why the old or invalid motorway vignette must always be removed.

For these reasons it is so difficult to remove the old vignette!

Only in a few cases is the vignette removed as a whole. Due to temperature fluctuations and UV radiation, the adhesive can burn into the window. After all, the windshield can get extremely hot due to the sun's rays in summer. If you try to remove the glue with knives, lighters or heat guns, you run the risk Damage on the windshield and, in the worst case, on the dashboard. So that it doesn't get that far, some useful tips are given below.

Tips to remove the vignette without leaving any residue!

There are products on the market that residue-free removal the vignette promise. Vignette remover sets In addition to a cleaning agent, they usually also contain a scraper and a cloth or sponge. However, it is also possible to remove the vignette with simple home remedies. And as already mentioned, this also works with stickers or the environmental sticker / fine dust sticker.

Glass cleaner

  • In order to be able to remove the vignette with glass cleaner, you have to spray it with the agent and let it take effect. The motorway vignette can be removed after a few minutes without any problems. If that doesn't work immediately, simply spray the vignette again. One piece kitchen roll or a old rag protects the dashboard from the glass cleaner. Simply place it in the area of ​​the vignette and off you go.


  • Wet wipes can also be helpful when it comes to removing motorway vignettes without leaving any residue. To do this, rub the sticker with the wet wipe. This absorbs the moisture and then comes off more easily. However, this step can take a few minutes.

nail polish remover

  • One with nail polish remover A damp cloth also makes it easier to remove the vignette. Here, too, the area is rubbed with the cloth until the sticker can be removed. Here, too, you should definitely do a bit kitchen roll , or old rag Place on the dashboard for protection. Simply position it in the area of ​​the vignette and off you go. Nail polish remover is corrosive and can quickly leave unsightly stains or even holes on the dashboard.

brake cleaner

  • Brake cleaner can also be used to achieve good results when loosening the vignette. Here, too, a cloth moistened with brake cleaner is rubbed over the area until the sticker comes off. And here, too, you have to go a bit kitchen roll , or old rag Place on the dashboard for protection. Simply position it in the area of ​​the vignette and off you go. Of the brake cleaner not as corrosive as that nail polish remover, however, there is still a risk of unsightly stains on the dashboard.


  • With a simple hairdryer you can also remove the vignette. Just warm it up and then try to peel it off at the corners. If adhesive residues are left behind, these can be removed with the means and tools already mentioned.

Remove remnants of the adhesive from the windshield!

In spite of all measures, it can happen that adhesive residues remain on the window. Here can be a Vignette scraper To remedy the situation. There are products on the market that have been designed for precisely this situation. Or alternatively you can use one Ceranfeldschaber return. But you have to be careful here to do that Glass not scratched. An eraser does a good job of removing glue residue too. Also the Blade from a craft knife / box cutter can work. Simply put it on the pane at an angle and scrape away the adhesive. However, the risk of injuring yourself on the knife is high. Of course, it is also possible to remove the remains of the adhesive with the Fingernails to remove - this procedure is very complex and not optimal.

Under no circumstances should you do that with vignettes!

Valid vignettes are allowed should not be detached to be placed on another windshield. The vignette is namely not transferable to other vehicles. If you violate it, you have to go with one Fines (€) calculate. If the disc needs to be replaced, one can be used in this case free vignette apply for. If it comes to a total loss due to an accident, must a new Motorway vignette can be bought.

The new e-vignette!

In some countries the E-vignette in use for years. Thanks to the good ratings, many other countries are planning to adopt the system as well. With this type of vignette, no vignette can be glued to the windshield and accordingly it does not have to be removed. When purchasing the e-vignette, you only receive a confirmation in the form of an e-paper. And the e-vignette is bound to the license plate and not, as was usual up to now, to the vehicle. More information about the digital vignette can be found in our article "Digital vignette - the alternative to the "disc sticker"!".

Digital vignette sticker E vignette Remove vignette: this is quick and easy!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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