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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

If you are not satisfied with the headlamps of your vehicle, as these can only guarantee a poor visibility in the dark, then a conversion is an option. The purchase of xenon lights is an excellent idea, which ensures that you provide more safety on the road. You now see the road better and also other road users perceive you earlier, so the risk decreases that it comes to an accident. The noble gas contained in xenon lights is the main factor for better visibility.

Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps
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What are the benefits of retrofitting with xenon lights?

The small xenon burners in the headlights guarantee that the illumination of the road is two and a half times better than with built-in halogen lamps. The xenon lights allow you to see more and see outlines better. Therefore, the reaction time in an emerging dangerous situation is shorter, which is why the risk of an accident is reduced. You can also recognize oncoming vehicles earlier and cars behind you know exactly how far away you are.

The number of rear-end collisions therefore drops significantly if you decide to install xenon lights. In addition, the power consumption is lower, which is why the battery is discharged. You can save up to 20 watts in this way. Life expectancy is also higher. Xenon lights can burn for up to 2000 hours before they need to be replaced. With halogen lamps this is 500 hours.

Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

What is the cost of equipping xenon lights?

If you decide to take such a step, you have to reckon with a price of around 1.000 euros if the conversion is carried out in a specialist workshop. Of course, there are differences in the installation costs. These always depend on whether you contact an independent workshop, an authorized dealer or a workshop chain. There are certain factors that can result in higher burdens or savings. The selection of the manufacturer of the xenon burner is decisive for this. The xenon burners from well-known brands are often more expensive (from approx. 80 €) than those from smaller and lesser-known companies. Often, however, they last longer and illuminate the road better.

What do you have to consider with Xenon lights?

It is almost essential that professionals take care of the installation. After the work it comes to Handover Completion by the TÜV, who closely inspects the conversions. 90% of all vehicles require automatic headlight range control and EVERY vehicle needs one Headlight cleaning system when 35 watt xenon is to be retrofitted legally. (Tip: Everything about headlight range adjustment / retrofitting of headlamp levelers) The xenon lights must comply with various minimum specifications. You will therefore get your car back with xenon lights, which are certainly suitable for traffic if the installation was carried out in a specialist workshop. Kits that have been specially developed for your type of vehicle are important so that there are no difficulties.

Tip: 25 watt xenon variant without SRA

You can find these relatively easily. For example, contact the vehicle manufacturer and enter the vehicle designation there or look for an accessories shop where you can enter the vehicle identification number of the vehicle. By the way, xenon burners can also have differences. We tried a particularly bright burner. More on this in our report on the Osram Xenarc Night Breaker Laser!

Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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Information on retrofitting xenon headlamps

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