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Class difference? What is a so-called "retro rod"?

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Retro Rod Hot Rod Explanation Difference Tuning Class Difference? What is a so-called retro rod?

Retro rod is a term used in Hot Rod Area occurs. A retro rod can be characterized as a subspecies of the hot rod like that of the so-called Old School Rods, The Resto Rods or Street Rods the case is. Retro Rods are individual announcements to the tuning scene. Mostly cars are used as retro rods from the early 1960s. The cars differ from Hot Rods especially in the spare parts that should be used and as true to the original as possible. The differences are discussed in more detail below.

Retro Rod - 1960s vehicles and more

Retro Rod Hot Rod Explanation Difference Tuning 2 Class Difference? What is a so-called retro rod?

Hot Rods are known as modified car models, which are usually based on USA vehicles from the 20s to 40s of the last century. With Hot Rods, also as hotrod called, the original engines of the car models are exchanged for powerful engines such as V8 units. The bodies are also visually changed and highly individualized. Hot Rodding, as the customization and special tuning are also called, is a variant to tune a car in the US style. Hot Rods are to be distinguished from other tuning vehicles. As a rule, so-called custom cars, more recent, are tuned with extensive body and engine changes. The custom cars are much younger, American vehicles. Retro Rods are again from "usual“Demarcate Hot Rods. Unlike hot rods, retro rods are modified with original parts from the 20s, 40s and 60s of the last century. Hot Rod is all about high speeds worthy of a racing car. The Retro Rod should still be able to be driven on American roads and is closer to the original of the older US vehicles than the Hot Rod.

Retro Rod - younger 60s or older

Car models from the younger 1960s are popular for retro rod tuning. However, older vehicles from the 20s, 30s and 40s of the last century are also used for retro rod tuning. The retro rod should keep its original character and not become a souped up racing car like a classic hot rod. Nevertheless, individuality is important to the tuners. In Germany, retro rods are less well known than classic hot rods. Nevertheless, the tuning can also be interesting for German tuners who love US vehicles.

Retro Rod - a brief conclusion

A retro rod is a subspecies of the classic hot rod. Those who tune a retro rod almost always use US vehicles from the early 60s or older vehicle variants. The tuning of a retro rod primarily involves originality and almost exclusively spare parts from the era of the respective vehicle are used. A hot rod, on the other hand, is equipped with more modern spare parts and the original engine is usually replaced by a racing engine. Furthermore, a hot rod in the body area is changed for optical reasons and should meet the individual wishes of the tuner. Retro rods stay closer to the original.

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Retro Rod Hot Rod Explanation Difference Tuning 3 Class Difference? What is a so-called retro rod?

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