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Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

They have their roots in racing, but extravagant rear wings have reached the mainstream at least since movies and games like “Fast and Furious” and “Need for Speed”. They're a popular element in the tuning community, but are they allowed to be readily installed? Many innovations that started in racing have been extensively tested and refined and have found their way into performance cars and sometimes even into daily drivers. examples? Technologies such as direct injection, downsizing engines, mild hybrid drives, turbochargers, spoilers and lightweight components come from racing. The goal: reduce fuel consumption, increase performance and meet stricter EU standards.

Retrofit the rear wing on the car

But not all upgrades make sense in everyday cars, including rear wings. Still, they quickly spread through the tuning community in the 2000s, thanks to Fast and Furious and Need for Speed ​​and similar flicks. But what do the wings actually bring to the road vehicle?

Note: Many grand pianos, especially universal models, cannot be legally driven on the road even with individual approval. They are therefore only suitable for exhibition purposes or for use off public roads.

Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

What does a rear wing do?

In contrast to the spoiler, air flows around the rear wing on both sides. The goal is to slow down the airflow at the top and create an overpressure, which increases the downforce. The exact opposite can be achieved on the underside of the wing (depending on the model): a negative pressure is created, which further increases the pressure, which is particularly important for front wings in Formula 1. In general, wings serve the purpose of generating more downforce, resulting in more road contact, better cornering stability, more grip, better power transfer, and therefore a higher lap time. In normal traffic, however, the advantages of a retrofitted spoiler are hardly noticeable, as they are often not optimally matched to the vehicle's aerodynamics. The effect is therefore minimal.

Tip: Depending on the type, the edge protection must be observed!

The origin of the components from professional sport has also shaped the philosophy of lightweight construction. Even a large GT wing shouldn't significantly add weight to the vehicle. Therefore, the wings are often made of materials such as carbon, GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic), ABS plastic or aluminum. However, the latter can lead to problems with registration, especially in Germany: wings made of sharp-edged aluminum have been banned in Germany since 2004.

Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

Does a rear wing have to be entered?

Yes, a rear wing must be entered. Tuners are familiar with the guidelines that a vehicle must meet in Germany in order to continue to be allowed to drive on the road. However, a general operating permit (ABE) or a parts certificate for a rear wing that can be retrofitted is usually rare. Some sellers only provide a material report, which is necessary for the acceptance of the component, but does not replace the entry in the vehicle documents. Therefore, it is advisable to plan time and money, as often a individual acceptance is inevitable.

What is the difference to a spoiler?

Although the terms spoiler and wing are often used interchangeably, they describe different components. A spoiler causes the air to flow around one side, with a rear spoiler often only the top side. Front spoilers, spoiler lips or front splitters, on the other hand, direct the air either under the car or to the radiator grille for engine cooling. Other types of spoilers, such as on the side skirts or in front of the wheels, fulfill similar functions: they improve the aerodynamics of the body or change the airflow according to the engineers' wishes. Spoilers are therefore on the body. A wing, on the other hand, is an independent aerodynamic component that provides downforce in particular and thus increases the downforce of the car.

Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

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Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

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Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!

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Retrofitting a rear wing on the car - the information!
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