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Retrofit the system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

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Retrofit infotainment Android Appel system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

The Entertainment system of a car is one of the quickest parts to become obsolete and lead to problems. The navigation system is quickly too slow, the display is too small or the sound quality is poor. In this case only one can help retrofitting. Because even if the car still looks modern from the outside, a look into the interior and especially the radio can show a different picture. Many small buttons or a tiny monochrome screen bear witness to times gone by and often force car fans to retrofit newer and more modern devices, such as a Double DIN car radio.

Radio, navigation, sound system

By retrofitting the Radio, navigation or the sound system you can give your used car a more modern look quickly and cheaply, because technically speaking, used cars are still pretty much on par with a new car even after 4 years. Only with the constantly developing technology in terms of infotainment can the vehicles quickly fall behind.

VWPhaetonInfotainmentTauschRNS8105 Retrofit system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

The car as an extension of the modern smartphone

Modern devices not only impress with their larger displays and better resolution, but can also be connected to a smartphone or play DVDs. You also have modern apps such as "Apple Carplay"Or"Android Auto". With these applications, the driver can access many functions of his smartphone via the car radio, such as the Navigation or Voice messages, To fall back on. If you care about a radio with good sound and the best sound quality, then you need one Digital radio tuner (DAB +). Digital radio will become standard at the end of this year, but there are still new cars that without digital radio to be sold.

Perfect sound for on the go

Double DIN radio 2 DIN radio cover 3 Retrofit system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

Also for Oldtimer or camper a current one is recommended Double DIN device, because they are great and elegantly equipped, but the sound is mostly miserable. With the retrofitting of a double DIN device, bad sound in classic cars or campers is a thing of the past. Compared to normal DIN radios, the double DIN devices have a much wider front, including a larger control panel and usually even a touchscreen. This not only improves the sound, but also simplifies operation and even pictures a Backup camera or a front camera can be displayed.

Retrofitting possible from 150 euros

A cheap device can start at 150 euros retrofitted be and offers besides Bluetooth, mostly features like Audio streaming or speakerphone. Better devices that also have apps like "Apple Carplay" or "Android Auto" dispose of costs around the 250 to 350 Euro. Above all, personal needs have a decisive influence on the choice of device. Above all, the quality of the hands-free system, the music sound, the steering wheel buttons, a reversing camera, an HDMI interface for streaming sticks or an Android operating system are important.

Depending on the vehicle, you may need a different radio!

The radio should definitely be matched to the vehicle. While an older BMW like an E46 often needs an orange display, a radio for a VW from this period usually requires it a blue display. And for mobile homes, one is especially recommended larger displayso that the location of parking spaces can be viewed quickly. Many sports car drivers probably also want a front camera for easier parking, or one OBD-II interfaceto connect the radio to the engine management system and via Oil pressure, oil temperature or boost pressure to be informed directly on the display.

Retrofit car radio DIN installation connection cable ISO system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

Still in trend: the exposed display

In the meantime, a double DIN radio with a display up to 10 inches (approx. 25 cm) in size can also be converted into a simple DIN slot to be built in. However, exposed screens, which are in many new ones, are all the rage BMW or Mercedes models are installed.

Make the right choice when it comes to equipment

Be careful when purchasing Double DIN devices because a built-in navigation system makes the device more expensive, but the overview is much better. In addition, the size and operation may vary depending on the model. If you want simple and fast operation, you should definitely choose a device with “Apple Carplay” or “Android Auto”, even if not every mobile phone can be transferred to the display. With a Mirror link system All devices can be transferred, but the operation of this system is a bit more difficult. However, if your smartphone is too old, this can also lead to problems as some services are not supported.

MirrorLink Interface MHL Retrofit Tuning 1 Retrofit the system, display and navigation in the vehicle!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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