How the rim protection strip (FSL) works

By definition is a Rim protection strip or FSL for short, which is what it sounds like. It serves to protect the rim. However, she is on the tire and not, as one might expect, on the rim. The FSL is a special one Rubber lip, which is intended to prevent scratches on the rim in the event of curb bumps. The rim shield consists of a rubber bulge or a raised rubber ring on the tire. This is located at the Tire wall or more precisely at the Side wall of the tire. The rubber bulge protrudes over the rim flange and cushions attacks from the curb. Of course, the curb is not the problem here, but rather the driver. Many tire manufacturers therefore know that the coverage is justified. So the feature is located on the tire and that's why it's called "Rim protection for tires".

Why doesn't every tire have a rim protector?

  • The Steel rims a tire with FSL is out of the question. They can even pose a threat. A problem can occur in combination with hubcaps. So it can happen that the hubcaps fall off because they are not properly seated.
  • Tubes with a higher profile basically offer a high level of protection for the rim even without FSL. That's enough reason why there is no special rim protection.
  • Question about the standard: The designation for a rim protection can vary depending on the manufacturer. examples for this are MFS, FR, FSL or RPB, to name just a few. These abbreviations designate a tire with the corresponding rubber concavity. However, there is no standard as each manufacturer uses its own abbreviation.
  • Prices for tires with an integrated cover are usually slightly higher than for conventional models. The surcharge can be 10% to 15%.

BBS collision protection

The BBS collision protection represents the luxury version of the rim protector, so to speak. It is made of high-quality, polished Stainless Steel manufactured. The protective ring is glued to the edge of the rim flange. This can be both in as well as most to the tire assembly done. However, the price for a BBS collision protection is high and is around 21 EUR for a 100 inch rim apiece. And the protection is not necessarily (but usually yes) suitable for all rim types. It is definitely suitable for the BBS models CH-R / CH / RX-R / CM / CH-R2 / XR. The big advantage is the very simple, high-strength bonding for a stable hold and protection and the optimal fit, especially on BBS rims. In addition, the BBS collision protection has a special feature BBS design.

RIM RING, RIM RIB OR RIM PROTECTION STRIP – similarities and differences

Rim protection strips, rim protectors, rim strips or rim ribs are synonyms. they all denote the described rubber bead. A distinction must be made between so-called Rimblades. These are flexible Rim protection rings, the later can be attached to the wheels. Some of them are also available in eye-catching colors. They are visually beautiful to look at. However, there is still a lot of catching up to do in terms of effectiveness in terms of shielding the light-alloy wheels.

the labeling of protective rim tires

The labeling of tires with rim protection is unfortunately not standardized. That means: many manufacturers, many abbreviations! Usually the hint is though on the side wall notes whether the tire has an FSL. The manufacturer's own abbreviations are used for this.

An overview of the abbreviations can be found here:

Abkürzung Significance Manufacturers
F.S.L. Rim protection strip Bridgestone, Pirelli, Vredestein
FR Rim rib, flange rim Continental, Semperit
ML with bar
MFS with rim protection Dunlop, Falcons
RFP Rim Fringe Protector Dunlop, Goodyear, Yokohama, Avon, Toyo
MFSL with rim protection strip
RP Rim Protection, Rim Protector BF Goodrich, Nokian, Hankook
RPB Rim Protection Bar Yokohama
FP Fringe Protector, Flanc Protector Michelin, Goodyear

Advantages of rim protection strips

  • Rim protection is particularly useful for vehicles that travel a lot in the city. In narrow streets and multi-storey car parks, it can quickly happen that you overlook a curb or misjudge it and the mishap is there.
  • Rim ribs are particularly common on UHP tires with a low profile (low profile tyres) to find. These tires are characterized by particularly wide treads and very low sidewalls. Due to their design, they are therefore more sensitive to obstacles on driveways, parking or similar.
  • An FSL is particularly recommended for high-quality ones alloy wheels, forged wheels or Flow Forged wheels with high acquisition costs. In order to ensure value retention, the driver should still handle the vehicle with care.

  • A protective strip also often arrives Off-road tires for use. Otherwise, damage would be inevitable when driving off-road with bumps and obstacles.
  • The strips are also often used on delivery vans, postbuses or trailers. The reinforced sidewall offers a additional protection in front of curbs.
  • The protection ensures that alloy wheels look as intact as possible.
  • Damage to rims Corrosion favor. Over time, this can affect other components as well.
  • The rims are less prone to damage and can take a beating or two.

In these cases, an FSL is not necessary!

With tires high profiles (flanks), an FSL is not absolutely necessary, since the rubber protrudes beyond the rim contour. As a result, it forms a natural protective cover against external influences. An FSL is also not absolutely necessary on vehicles that are not driven much or only in rural areas.

Disadvantages of an FSL

  • In combination with Steel rims an FSL is suboptimal, as it encourages the hubcaps to fall off.
  • The Price is significantly higher.
  • Tire protectors only protect to a certain degree. Anyone who is really bad at parking or scrapes the curb at full speed will not be able to help even with a tire saver.


Make another variant rims This accessory can also be attached after assembly. Rim rings serve to protect the rim, but they can also cause damage that has already occurred cover up. They are available in numerous color variants. Striking color combinations can also be chosen if you like to attract attention. In terms of price, they are usually less than 50 euros per set. However, on a high-quality vehicle with rims costing many thousands of euros, the plastic rings are often seen as protection inferior .

Tires with rim ribs are available as summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires. When looking for the tires for the respective season, you simply have to pay attention to the corresponding abbreviation.

Use of snow chains with rim protection

In rare cases set a link from your homepage to it is mandatory to attach snow chains to the vehicle. Failure to do so can result in a fine of €100. the snow chains must of course be suitable for your own wheel and tire combination and ideally over one integrated rim protection feature. Aluminum rims in particular suffer greatly from the use of snow chains. A rim protector can deal with most dents and scratches on steel or aluminum rims prevent. Various systems are used for this. On the one hand, a rim protection prevents the slipping of snow chains, on the other hand can also be a harness placed over the rims and it prevents the metal from being damaged by the chains. And at one Rim protection protector on the other hand, it is a full-surface covering of the aluminum rim. This prevents direct contact between the rim and the snow chain.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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