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Ringtool / Racetool - cars for the race track mode

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Versus Performance BMW M2 F87 Tracktool 7 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

Many car fans, especially younger ones, spend a lot of their free time on the race track / racetrack in summer. The Nürburgring is popular for this, as it is the longest and most difficult race track in the world and it is not for nothing that it is also called the “Green Hell”. This term, once invented by Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart, best describes the characteristics of this 21-kilometer circuit, which is located in the middle of the Eifel, embedded in wonderful landscapes, and demands everything from the driver.

Tracktool EPD Motorsports BMW M4 F82 Revozport Kit Tuning 2 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

What is a tracktool?

Let us now turn to the suitable Racetool or Ringtool, which is best suited for racetracks like the Nürburgring. First off, of course, is a purist driving machine like one Lotus Seven or one of his many replicas produced by companies such as Caterham, Westfield or Donkervoort. They are perfect when it comes to a pure tracktool, which shines on circuits of all kinds, but has some obstacles in everyday life. Reason is that it brings the extreme construction neither doors, heating, a decent top, or safety features such as ABS, airbags or ESP, which is why it is used on public roads just as a fun mobile for beautiful summer days.

VM 77 Lotus Seven Replica Barracuda Tuning 4 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

As a so-called tracktool but understands not only vehicles of this category, but also very lightweight, heavily modified small car, such as the Abarth 695 Biposto, a Fiat 500 without back seat and without superfluous noise insulation, which makes 195 PS and by its low weight like a cannonball rushes forward, or a modified Mini JCW, which comes without rear seat and without door panels, but is equipped with a roll cage. Very popular as a track tool are also down to the bones and weight-reduced variants of the Porsche 911, as the Neunerfer has by its construction on a relatively low weight and an enormous traction.

Auto Bangkok Bangkok Porsche Cayman 987 Track Car Tuning 3 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

Tracktools without street legal.

But there are not only track tools for car lovers in reasonably affordable price ranges, but also millionaire toys that are considered as ring tools that do not even have street legal approval. Ferrari FXX and McLaren P1 GTR are such sweethearts, which weight-reduced and once again performance-enhanced vie for the favor of the heavy-race racetrack fanatics, which give these track tools then on the Nürburgring or the Dubai Race Circuit times the spurs properly.

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Gearbox Controller% C3% A4t Gearbox% C3% BChler Tuning Software 2 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

VIP tuning - if you also want to cruise like a VIP.

BMW 540i G30 Forgestar F14 Tuning 5 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

Not exactly a compliment - hardware store tuning

DIY tuning tuning cheap tuning explanation% C3% A4rung 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

DUB tuning is trendy because more inches are (almost) always possible

DUB Tuning Hummer H3 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

More than just loud - dB drag racing / sound tuning

dB Drag Racing Soundtuning 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

Accelerator tuning from DTE Systems - now with app control

DTE PedalBox 2018 Chiptuning 310x165 Ringtool / Racetool - cars for race track mode

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