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A robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system? Is there!

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Wheelchair loading system, robot arm A robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system? Is there!

As we do with our information on the topic patient lift or Rollstuhl disaster already mentioned, you don't have to do without mobility as a wheelchair user. And in the article on the person lifter, we had included a few brief information and videos that fully automatic loading pointing from the wheelchair. And exactly in addition there were many inquiries about what to look out for when you have one Robotic arm want to install it in the vehicle and what exactly the advantages are. With such an intelligent wheelchair loading the wheelchair is moved from the driver's door to the trunk or in the case of the pickup on the load area loaded.

Robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system

Once the driver has reached the destination, the robot arm automatically takes the wheelchair out of the trunk or from the loading area and places it next to the open driver's door. The retraction and extension starts at the push of a button and usually only takes a few seconds. Such a wheelchair loading aid makes the user completely independent and independent of accompanying persons. That brings an enormous plus in quality of life with it.

Wheelchair loading system, robot arm 1 A robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system? Is there!

Space-saving and often completely invisible

A good system is particularly space-saving and, as a rule, all seats in the vehicle can still be used without restriction. In addition, the loading aid is completely invisible from the outside, the vehicle is different can not be from other road users. Only in the case of a pickup can the loading arm not always Install invisibly. Here, however, it always depends on the base vehicle and the provider. And loading and unloading works in principle even in tight parking spaces, next to the driver's door is often only approx. 1 meter space required to load or unload the wheelchair without any problems. An open vehicle door is hardly more space-saving. On top of that is a good electromechanical robotic arm individually programmable and even a real one Eye-catcher in every parking lot.

When installing the wheelchair loading aid, you usually have to no changes be carried out on the body or in the interior. This means that when you change vehicles, you can take the robot arm with you. The prerequisite is of course smart technology, high-quality workmanship and, if possible, the arm should not require regular maintenance.

All benefits at a glance:

  • mostly suitable for wheelchairs with folding and rigid frames
  • mostly space-saving construction, therefore all seats can still be used
  • in most cases it is possible to take it with you when changing vehicles
    mostly suitable for many vehicle models
  • a good system is reliable, low-maintenance and invisible from the outside

Normally, the wheelchair can be loaded fully automatically into the trunk of the vehicle in less than 1 minute. It doesn't happen by magic, but thanks intelligent mechanics. Just one fully automatic tailgate should be retrofitted in combination with the robot arm. Many vehicles have this already ex works and also various ones Retrofitting options are available for almost all vehicles. Such a loading system is installed in the rear of the vehicle and it is fitted perfectly into the trunk by the manufacturer in order to retain all of the seats. An investment in such an intelligent loading system is always an investment in the future. Depending on the vehicle and personal requirements, loading can also be carried out using the back door done and even for that nearside there are implementations. The possibilities are extremely diverse. The respective providers provide information on this.

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 A robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system? Is there!

go A robotic arm as a wheelchair loading system? Is there!

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