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The Rockford turnaround - driving (almost) like in Hollywood!

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Rockford Wende instructions original automatic The Rockford Wende Driving (almost) like in Hollywood!

She is not missing in any chase on the big screen and is a synonym for cool action: The Rockford turn. How it came about and what prerequisites are necessary for implementation is explained below. The maneuver was shaped by the actor James Garner aka Jim Rockford in the 1970s series "The Rockford files“ (German: Detective Rockford). The turnaround became so popular that it was a cinematic monument to Rockford. The stunt, which was a recurring element and added to the iconic character of the series, quickly evolved well beyond the series. Today it is still very popular in film and television in productions around the world.

A cinematic monument!

Rockford turning instructions original automatic 1 The Rockford turning Drive (almost) like in Hollywood!

The keyword "unrestrained“Is particularly suitable in this context, as this is exactly the key to success. At the Rockford turn a vehicle turns around Rotated 180 °, in most cases of backward on forward. The scene is often found in films and series when you have to turn around quickly during an escape. A person involved in the chase arrives obstacle to be overcome, such as a dead end, it says: Engage reverse gear and full throttle. With the maneuver, the hero of a film frees himself from the dicey situation by succeeding in driving the car at lightning speed to pull around and thus to get rid of his pursuers. The screeching tires and the aesthetic implementation give the action a particularly spectacular note. The downside of celebrity is that private individuals keep trying to stunt their cars to imitate And thereby major damage Serve.

Steering wheel, clutch and go!

Even if the implementation in public road traffic of course not recommended, it is still worth looking at the exact process. First of all, it needs one free areasince the turning point a few meters takes. In addition, the vehicle should also have a lot of horsepower in order to develop the maximum effect. When these conditions are met, the driver needs to be around 60 km/h accelerate. Then turn the steering wheel with a good dose of force go all around and the Push the clutch through. Immediately in the last step engage first gear and don't be afraid of that Full edit accelerator pedalto accelerate out quickly. By the way, all of this is feasible also with an automatic. What remains is a lot of amazed faces, a feeling of TV action and a casual-looking driver, but with time a whole load worn tires.

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Accident Crash Pog MINI JCW GP F56 The Rockford Turn Driving (almost) like in Hollywood!

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