Rolling Coal - illegal tuning trend with diesel vehicles

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Rolling Coal Illegal diesel vehicles

The Rolling Coal Tuning is especially popular in the USA. The translation from English means "moving coal". This term is correct, as this form of tuning is a deliberate pollution of the air and the environment. Vehicles that are tuned in this way are characterized by exhaust clouds, which are very sooty and therefore widely visible. There are easiest ways these people convert their cars. So they remove the particle filter of their diesel engine and thus ensure the emission of more dirt and emissions. In addition it comes with the Rolling Coal Tuning to an increased fuel supply, through which the engine is more powerful and can develop more smoke in no time.

Rolling Coal Illegal Diesel Vehicles 2
not just for pickups, every diesel can do that

Why does Rolling Coal Tuning happen?

There are different reasons for this. Many supporters of rolling coal tuning are doubters about climate change and thus express their protest. Also, they are in many cases against new technologies. So hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Teslas, etc. are declared enemies of followers of Rolling Coal Tunings. They like to provoke these drivers by providing even more exhaust gases in their vicinity. They hide behind the guise of the "freedom of America", which has a high priority, which is why it is difficult to take action against the Rolling Coal Tuning.

Rolling Coal Illegal Diesel Vehicles Toyota Prius
the declared enemy of a Rolling Coal driver is eg a Toyota Prius

What are the dangers of Rolling Coal Tuning?

The American Cancer Society estimates that the risk of developing lung cancer is increased by rolling-coil tuning. For this purpose, for example, the smallest particles are responsible, which you inhale during rolling coal tuning and settle in the lungs. Rolling Coal Tuning may even be more harmful than smoking cigarettes. But there are also risks in road traffic. Due to the high emission of soot, visibility deteriorates, which increases the risk of accidents. Not only the smoke in the air is responsible. This settles on the discs and is difficult to remove.

What are the legal requirements for Rolling Coal Tuning in the USA?

The responsible Environmental Protection Agency 2014 has stated that Rolling Coal Tuning is illegal. It comes through this to the injury of the Clean Air Actsprohibiting vehicle manufacturers from the sale of cars which circumvent the emission control measures or which do not exist. Even a change is not allowed. 2015 came to a special draft for a penalty that is due in case of non-compliance. This is at 5000 US dollars.

Police Police Lamp Lamp

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