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World first: CO2-neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

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Ronal R70 blu World first: CO2-neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

The RONAL GROUP is the first company in the world to bring a previously unique product onto the market: the new RONAL R70-blue. The car wheel will be launched in a CO2-neutral way and is thus a further milestone for the company's own sustainability concept PLANBLUE, with which the RONAL GROUP assumes its environmental and social responsibility. The pressure and demands from politics and society in terms of emissions reduction are increasing - not only on the automobile manufacturers, but also on their suppliers.

CO2-neutral recycling wheel

«With the "Green deal»And its action plan, Europe has set itself the task of being climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, all economic sectors must cooperate. With the new R70-blue, we as the RONAL GROUP are also making a contribution to this», Explains Patrick Lämmli, Executive Vice President Group Sales. «We didn't just develop this product to meet demands. We are thus also reaffirming our role as an innovation and technology leader who cares about the environment and future generations at the same time. "

Ronal R70 blu 2 World first: CO2 neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

The RONAL GROUP's RONAL R70-blue is a holistic, sustainable product that is produced in Germany with 100% green electricity. The wheel consists mainly of pre- and post-consumer material as well as primary aluminum made from renewable energies, which is 100% recyclable. The RONAL GROUP has been a member of the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) since 2018 - since this year also as an Industrial Member - which guarantees compliance with strict sustainability criteria and high-quality aluminum. The RONAL GROUP today sources over 92% of its aluminum from ASI members.

When manufacturing the product, emissions of 40 kg CO2 per wheel are 163% lower than the conventional process, which produces an average of 2 kg CO75 per wheel in Europe. For the propellant gas emissions that cannot be avoided, a complete CO2 compensation is made and the emissions are offset with a project certified by Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is an internationally recognized, independent certification standard that distinguishes high-quality CO2 compensation projects that contribute to sustainable development in the respective region. The project supported by the RONAL GROUP is called “Utsil Naj - healthy homes for all in Mexico” and campaigns in a variety of ways for the people in Mexico who are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change.

cb no thumbnail World first: CO2 neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

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«Since we have two production plants in Mexico, the RONAL GROUP has an important relationship with this country and its people», Explains Judith Pietschmann, Senior Manager Group Environment at the RONAL GROUP, about the choice of the project. «We want to shape climate protection and therefore have clear goals to reduce the CO₂ footprint of our products, procured goods, production and logistical processes. When it comes to sustainability, we want to lead by example as a pioneer and take responsibility for our actions.»

Lämmli adds: "The development of the RONAL R70-blue is the consistent continuation of our product concept as part of PLANBLUE. One focus of our sustainability strategy is reducing CO2 emissions, which we want to halve by 2030. The ecological footprint per wheel has already been reduced in the last few financial years - above all by purchasing aluminum that was produced with renewable energy.

Ronal R70 blu 3 World first: CO2 neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

When developing the R70-blue, we followed the “Cradle to Cradle” approach, which, as a regenerative system, provides for the use and recycling of resources. Aluminum is 100% recyclable, including our R70-blue - a wheel can be turned into a new one.»

As early as 2016, the RONAL GROUP set the course with its PLANBLUE sustainability concept and set ambitious goals in the areas of “Our Business”, “Our World” and “Our People”. These relate to the topics of “sustainable and innovative products”, “energy and climate” and “employee development, occupational health and safety” and are continuously monitored and evaluated.

After the RONAL R60-blue wheel, the R70-blue is the second sustainable product in the RONAL GROUP's portfolio. The RONAL R70-blue is available in 7,5 × 18 inches in the surfaces Orbit gray and Platinum silver. With the help of the Undercut technology, the weight has been optimized to 11,9 kg and has a wheel load of 850 kg.

Ronal R70 blu World first: CO2-neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

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