Lots of storage space: the Menabo Marathon 400 roof box!

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Rameder Menabo Marathon open Plenty of storage space: the Menabo Marathon 400 roof box!

Every year again - for some families this applies twice a year. Christmas, of course. But also because there is once again not enough space for holiday luggage. Why not give away additional storage space now - or just treat yourself - and solve the space problem once and for all? With the Menabo Marathon 400 roof box for example. Not only does it look good, it also offers plenty of space with a capacity of 400 liters. It is available in the online shop of Rameder, Europe's largest provider of transport solutions for everything to do with cars, at the web address kupplung.de Free shipping for a cheap 189,00 euros.

Menabo Marathon 400 roof box

Why worry about getting a bigger car when you only need that extra space once or twice a year? Roof boxes are a practical and often good-looking solution. The functional Menabo Marathon 400 roof box can be installed easily and without any tools. Using the practical bracket system or, if necessary, with a suitable T-slot adapter, the additional "trunk" is ready for use in a few minutes. The box is compatible with basic supports that have a profile of max. 60 x 35 mm or a 20 mm T-slot rail. As always with Rameder, the roof box is TÜV / GS-tested for safe transport and has a three-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Rameder Menabo Marathon mounting kit Lots of storage space: the Menabo Marathon 400 roof box!

But the additional storage space is not always used to the full. Of course, Rameder has also thought of that. The scope of delivery of the Menabo Marathon 400 roof box therefore includes straps with which the luggage can be secured against slipping. So everything stays tidy and, above all, safely in its place. The stable opening system and the integrated anti-theft device also ensure maximum security during transport and additional protection against unauthorized access.

Fastening by means of a wall bracket

It is not a problem if the right basic carrier is still missing. It can be found quickly and easily using the search function in the clearly laid out Rameder online shop (kupplung.de). Ultimately, the only question left is what to do with the good piece when it is not needed. Useful accessories can be found in the extensive range of the Rameder online shop. With the simple Wally wall bracket or a convenient roof box lift, it can be stowed away in a space-saving manner in the basement or garage. A washable cover made of soft fleece material with an integrated storage pocket protects it from dust and scratches until the next use.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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