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Sportiness at the rear - the roof spoiler for the vehicle!

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Audi RS6 C8 Avant Bodykit Tuning Mansory 2020 10 Sportiness at the rear of the roof spoiler for the vehicle!

Many people are familiar with the front and rear spoilers, but a roof spoiler can also be retrofitted to the car. This spoiler variant is also used for downforce and is interesting for certain rear shapes of tuned or non-tuned cars. For example, a roof spoiler can be used for hatchbacks (station wagons) and hatchbacks to reduce buoyancy and to achieve a sportier look. The spoiler variant is discussed in more detail below.

Retrofitting a roof spoiler - is that possible?

Project DTM Audi RS6 widebody tuning engine ANRKY AN11 7 1 Sportiness at the rear of the roof spoiler for the vehicle!

Roof spoilers are available from specialist dealers for certain vehicle models. The spoilers, also known as roof wings, increase downforce and are also available in a racing look. The spoilers can be purchased on a model-specific basis. An example is the roof spoiler for an Opel Corsa C. The article is available for the model years 2000 to 2006 and can be used with tear-off edge be acquired. Due to the tear-off edge, the spoiler offers even more downforce. The three-part roof spoiler version is made of fiber composite plastic (or carbon, GRP etc.) and can be purchased with a certificate. Retrofitting a roof spoiler is also possible for other vehicle models. The experts in a tuning workshop are the right contact for retrofitting.

Retrofitting a roof spoiler - introduce a vehicle inspection center

If you want to retrofit a roof spoiler, you have to have an attachment inspection carried out at a vehicle test center. A parts certificate for the roof wing should also be available. Whether there are other legal requirements should also be clarified before the roof spoiler is attached.

Roof spoiler - easy assembly possible

Roof spoiler roof wing tuning body kit e1585027469106 Sportiness at the rear of the roof spoiler for the vehicle!

The installation of the roof spoiler is specified by the respective manufacturer. Depending on the article, the roof spoiler can be glued or screwed on. It is advisable to ask in tuning forums and experts in tuning workshops which mounting variant is recommended for the respective vehicle. When buying the roof spoiler, you should pay attention to suitable variants and high-quality processed items. For example, fiber composite plastic (UP-GF) is used as a material for a roof spoiler.

pay attention to model suitability and air resistance

Improved downforce means that lift forces are reduced. It is important to ensure that a suitable spoiler is used for the vehicle model. Because reduced buoyancy forces can go hand in hand with an increase in air resistance. If the air resistance is increased by the same factor by which the buoyancy forces have been reduced, this can cause increased consumption and also lead to considerable wind noise. The wind noise can be annoying. The top speed may also drop. It is advisable to use a roof spoiler that is suitable for the vehicle model and does not destroy other tuning efforts.

Roof spoiler - conclusion

Roof spoilers are not included Roof panels to be confused. The spoiler is often about reducing buoyancy. Of course, the spoiler should also look good and match the individual tuning image of a vehicle. When buying a roof spoiler, it is important to choose the article that matches the vehicle model and to pay attention to simple installation options. Furthermore, the spoiler should not lead to an enormous increase in air resistance. The roof spoiler retrofit must be presented to a vehicle inspection agency. Many vehicles have a roof spoiler installed ex works. This is particularly the case with station wagons such as the Audi A6, the Mercedes E-Class or the BMW 5 Series Touring, and SUVs such as the BMW X5, the Audi Q7 or the Jeep Cherokee are also equipped with a factory-fitted roof spoiler. Various tuners also offer options to replace the factory roof spoiler with your own variant. The factory fastening method is then often used here so that no additional glue or additional holes are required.

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BMW M5 F11 Touring Widebody Sportiness at the rear of the roof spoiler for the vehicle!

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