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Superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!

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According to a Russian survey by automaker Ford, a car also has a soul. In 43, 2019 percent of Russian drivers said they were superstitious. If the worst comes to the worst, as many as 16 percent of drivers follow this fixed rituals. And some of them look familiar to us in this country too. What with us, for example horseshoe is, that is in Russia a license plate with a special digit or number. But read for yourself!


A large number of motorists are absolutely convinced that their car is theirs not just moving from A to B. And by no means is it just a mobile metal can. No, a car has both a personality and a soul. So it's not surprising that your vehicle is absolutely essential a name needed. It is believed that this idea stems from a time when the only means of transport was the horse, which of course had a name. Last but not least, a car also has horsepower.

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Of course there is one too ranking of the most popular vehicle names. Lastotschka, which means "swallow" in German, tops the list unchallenged. Often, however, the model names are also the source of inspiration. A Nissan Note is given the name Jenot, i.e. raccoon, a KIA Picanto becomes Pikachu and a Toyota Avensis is christened Venja. Others, however, prefer names that also have personalities, say Vanya or Mascha. For many drivers it is important that the name starts with the same letter as the model.

Happiness comes from above

The nightmare of every German car owner is bird droppings. In this case, German drivers quickly see the paintwork breaking. However, the Russian driver is very different. If this bird droppings land on the windshield or the body, nothing stands in the way of financial success. However, if the bird droppings land on the trunk, there is a risk of loss.

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car wash

Washing a car is also a risk for Russian drivers. Because one thing is as certain as the amen in church, no sooner has the car been washed than it will rain and the car looks just like it did before the wash.

Car wash car wash car wash Superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!


Russian drivers are not gawkers. The rule is - don't look. If you do take a look, it is only a matter of time before difficulties arise. It is much more beneficial and humane to stop and provide help to the victim.

First aid scene of the accident Superstition in Russia: the rituals of drivers!


Seafarers have been christening ships for ages and with all their might break a champagne bottle on the bow of the ship. Russian drivers have carried this tradition over to their cars. Of course, possible paint damage must be prevented. For this reason, only a few drops of sparkling wine are splashed over the newly purchased car. To make the vehicle even happier, the rest of the sparkling wine will be emptied later with friends and family.

baptism auto bubbly pope superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!

Lucky mark

The license plate is also decisive for whether the driver will always have a good trip in his new car. In Russia, the license plates consist of three letters and three digits. Nothing is more regrettable than when a driver hits a license plate with the number six. It gets even more dramatic when there are even several sixes in the license plate. Then it is essential to be highly concentrated and extremely careful when driving. Drivers who got a one, a three or a seven can be happy. These numbers are considered lucky numbers in Russia. Most are convinced that if the label contains several identical letters or numbers, it will turn out to be a turn of events.

License plate Russia Car lucky charms Superstition in Russia: the rituals of the car driver!

keeping secrets

Of course, a car must be technically checked and carefully maintained at regular intervals. It is also of immense importance - in no way bad about the car - to talk. It is a cardinal mistake to speak in front of the good soul about the fact that it should be sold. If it is not to be expected at all, it will certainly go on strike. A breakdown is inevitable if the car is insulted. Expressions of anger or even physical attacks are to be avoided, as a repair could cost the last ruble.

Shouting at the car russia Superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!

No spare parts from accident vehicles

It is not uncommon for car dealers to buy up accident vehicles, then cannibalize them and sell the spare parts. However, under no circumstances would many Russian drivers install spare parts for damaged vehicles in their vehicles. Because one thing is certain, that will bring Unglück. Of course, other objects from other vehicles should also not enter your own vehicle. In particular, you should stay away from stolen spare parts. If a driver does not heed this, the karma will quickly take revenge.

defective brake disc broken spare part superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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