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A home remedy for rust film on the vehicle? Is there!

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Flash rust remover Flash rust putty Removing flash rust gel 1 A home remedy for flash rust on the vehicle? Is there!

It is particularly popular with vehicles that are only used in spring and summer - rust. The brake discs, the sills, but also the doors and even the plastic bumpers are often affected. And he is particularly visible at bright and in particular at white vehicles. And actually all vehicle parts can be affected. The most important thing is to detect the rust film immediately after discovering it remove and the rest of the vehicle after further lanes to searchso that the rust does not have a chance to spread. Flash rust is mainly caused by the alternation between cold and warm days. The paintwork is most affected by the weather. In many cases, the rust stains turn out to be just flash rust. So that you can tell the difference and how to eliminate it, more on this in the following article.

How does rust appear on the vehicle?

Rusty brown spots are only indirectly alarming. Because mostly it is just flash rust and not bad rust. While "real" rust has already penetrated deep into the metal and the paint, flash rust is only one of them superficial layerthat does not affect paintwork or bodywork. So if you can find the small rust-brown spots, then that's still it no reason to panic. However, if bubbles form on the paintwork that flake off and reveal rust-brown stains, then it is correct gratewhich continues to spread without treatment.

Flash rust remover Flash rust putty Remove flash rust gel 3 e1607670736285 A home remedy for flash rust on the vehicle? Is there!

So that rust can develop, it needs it Moisturizer. These are mainly found in the autumn and winter months. Small paint damage, which can be caused by small stone chips or road salt residues, penetrates the moisture into the body and reacts with the oxygen in the air and the metal of the body. This creates Iron oxidewhich is colloquially called rust. But even when braking and being close to train tracks or metal processing companies, rust film can appear on the vehicle. This is then often deposited on the fenders, doors, fuel tank lids, entrances and on the trunk.

Removing the rust film is easy!

Is suitable for this Car polish or Paint cleanerapplied on a soft cloth. Then carefully wipe the rust film from the affected areas. If the stains are stubborn or large, you can use cleaning clay or special Flash rust cleaner To remedy the situation. The rust film cleaner is applied to the relevant component or on a soft cloth and the affected areas are wiped off. It's important, that not firmly on the paint is pressed, as this can cause quirks and scratches in the paint. If you use a rust film remover from the spray bottle, so is best suited Pressure Washer to clean the affected area after the exposure time.

Cleaning clay Remove rust film A home remedy for rust film on the vehicle? Is there!

Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. cleaning clay must also careful be pushed on. This must be done with particular skill, because the modeling clay too hard particles how it can absorb pebbles and dust that can damage the paintwork. If the rust film is on a unpainted place is located, it can be rubbed off very carefully with Aku pads or aluminum foil that has been shaped into a ball.

Flash rust can also be removed with acidic household remedies

If you no special cleaner on hand can also Cola, citric acid or vinegar and oil serve as rust remover. The phosphoric acid in cola can convert iron oxide into iron phosphate. To take advantage of this, you soak a ball made of aluminum foil in cola and let it gently circle the affected areas. A similar effect can be achieved with citric acid instead of the cola. It all depends on what you have at home. This is also possible with tartaric acid, but the chance that you will have it is rather slim.

Even with the Acidity of the vinegar the rust film can be removed. To do this, put a few drops of the vinegar on an Aku Pad and rub it over the affected areas. Then wipe again with a cloth on which you drip some oil. Perhaps you should try the home remedies in the first place and only use the chemical cleaners if they are unsuccessful, as the method is more environmentally friendly. More effective and a special one is usually much simpler RUST FILM REMOVER. After removing the rust film, the paint should come back properly sealed be and also an additional Wax layer can't hurt.

Inexpensive rust film removers are available from around € 18 per 5 liters

Flash rust remover Flotex FT 5090 experience A home remedy for flash rust on the vehicle? Is there!

Conclusion on the subject of rust film on the vehicle!

  • The rust film does not damage the paintwork or bodywork, when it is discovered early and removed immediately. Home remedies such as cola, citric acid, vinegar and oil can also be used for this.
  • The rust film can be prevented with a hot wax treatment and an underbody protection. This protects the paintwork and all metal parts from external weather conditions. A nice additional effect is a nice shine of the paint after the treatment.
  • If the rust film is not easy to remove, a Auto repair shop must be visited in order to prevent lasting damage to the paintwork and metal. Because then it gets really expensive and time-consuming!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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