Remove rust film with the right rust film remover!

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Flash rust remover Flash rust putty Removing flash rust gel 1 Remove flash rust with the right flash rust remover!

rust is a common problem and not only with the car. Any ferrous metal that is poorly protected or even completely unprotected is susceptible to flash rust. This can move into correct grate ultimately transform what into a complete Rusting through can result, which of course must necessarily avoid applies. Even plastic (Aprons on the vehicle) covers itself with Rust film. Though the apron on the car won't rust, but it looks ugly, especially on light-colored vehicles (white, silver, yellow) and has one too rough surface. Explained in the following article tuning blog You why flash rust on a Metal surface to a serious one Problem and how you can remove the rust completely simple with help of a Rust remover can get rid of. With such a remover you can remove the rust film that is on the painted Acrylic, Paint, Carbon, Stainless Steel, etc. is located. The whole procedure can be done without any problems and is necessary no previous knowledge.

Pay attention to timely removal

Zinc paste assembly paste rust protection tuning 3 Remove rust film with the right rust film remover!

If you notice rust film, you must as quickly as possible otherwise the harmless rust film can develop into serious rust, which destroys the material and in the end even completely rusted through. This is because the rust film penetrates more and more into the material (also through the vehicle paint), which in the end results in the complete destruction of the component / vehicle. To remove the rust film, we recommend using a Rust remover best on Gel base.

Removing the rust film on the car paint

Flash rust remover Flash rust putty Remove flash rust gel 3 e1607670736285 Remove flash rust with the right flash rust remover!

Frequently occurs rust on cars on what especially at brighter Paintwork like White doesn't look particularly nice. Although here there is no immediate danger to the material, the rust film should be removed as soon as possible, because the longer the rust film remains on the surface, the more difficult it is to remove it in the end.

Remove rust film with gel

Flash rust remover Flash rust putty Remove flash rust gel e1607670573656 Remove flash rust with the right flash rust remover!

It is possible to remove the rust film with the help of a special gel. Apply this gel thickly to the appropriate area and let it work for a while. Over time it comes due to an integrated Impact indicator to a (dark) yellow or brown coloration of the gel. If that is the case, you can use the gel with a sponge or a brush as well as Water remove. The grate should now be complete to have disappeared. Before this process, of course, it is recommended Having already washed and dried the vehicle. Unnecessary dirt mitigates them capacity from rust remover. The rust film remover must effectively work can, what he in particular as Gel variant also can. Compared to a water-like variant, the gel adheres directly to the for much longer Rust particles and doesn't just run down the vehicle.

FAQ on removing rust film

  • How does rust film actually develop?
    If small water droplets are on the surface of the vehicle and they are in contact with air for a long time, a chemical reaction occurs (das Water oxidizes): The rust film occurs.
  • Can the remover be dangerous to the other materials?
    Usually not, but you should test carefully beforehand.
  • How long does the rust film remover have to work?
    That depends on the degree of rust film - usually enough 1 to 10 minutes out. Multiple applications may be necessary.
  • How much of the rust film remover do I have to apply?
    Make absolutely sure that you apply the spray / gel thick enough that the particles are covered with the agent. The following applies here: Rather too much than too little. Apply the agent on the dry surface, then rub it in a little and wait a few minutes. After the exposure time, simply rinse the car with water, ideally with one Pressure Washer, from. Then a new one can Wax layer not hurt.
  • How dangerous is rust film?
    Flash rust is not an aggressive form of classic rust. In its form it is actually harmless to substances. However, if it is not treated for a long time, it can lead to consequential damage.

Inexpensive rust film removers are available from around € 18 per 5 liters

Flash rust remover Flotex FT 5090 Experience Removing flash rust with the right flash rust remover!

  • How much do I need?
    Rust remover is available in different sizes. Occasional rust film can be removed with a bottle of around 500 ml. We recommend for a vehicle though 750ml. Several cars, particularly large areas, or if the car is often attacked by rust film, then it is worth purchasing a large bottle with around 2000 ml or 2500 ml.
  • Are there any home remedies that work?
    Also with Glue, Vinegar or Acids you can get a good result. However, only the funds from the trade are highly effective. Compared to flash rust remover home remedies, you should use a remedy that specializes in flash rust Right of way to let. It also protects the paintwork. There is more on the subject of rust film home remedies in our article "A home remedy for rust film on the vehicle? Is there!".
  • Different rust film remover for different surfaces?
    There are products that are great for cleaning up Glass, concrete, Chrome or Stainless Steel suitable. Also for vehicles with foiling there are special means. Whether the rust film remover can be used, for example, for lacquer foils, is written on the bottle.
  • Which variants of the rust film remover are there?
    It differs in consistency. It exists as a Gel for smaller areas than Sprays for a large area application and sometimes also as dough.

  • not for targeted treatment
  • worse for smaller stains
  • good for hard-to-reach places
  • No polishing necessary
  • can drip

  • targeted treatment possible
  • better removes small stains
  • not suitable for hard-to-reach places
  • should be polished in
  • does not / hardly drip

  • targeted treatment possible
  • compact and
  • suitable for on the way
  • but sometimes needs a lot
    Muscle strength
  • comparatively expensive compared to gel & spray
  • mostly works
    only in combination with special lubricants (spray)

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