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That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

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That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

Saphe A/S is one of the most used traffic alarm brands in Europe. And Saphe A/S is about the first company ever, the one such traffic alert brought to market. And the devices from Saphe are all particularly simple and intuitive to use. Simple, a no-fuss solution designed for road users. Yourself Obey traffic rules and avoid fines, but also to avoid accidents, is easier to do with the Saphe traffic alarm. The devices are Danish products that provide warnings about speed cameras (speed cameras) and accidents. Saphe is helped by a iOS and Android app supports. There are currently Saphe (02.2022) three versions – Saphe One+, Saphe Mc and Saphe Drive Mini.

Cheap and reliable

radar Detectors are generally considered expensive and not very reliable. But Saphe has already changed the minds of many consumers. The reason for this is that the Warner for speed cameras and dangers on a active community based and also includes GPS and Bluetooth. A lot of buttons and complicated operation are at Saphe in its variants unavailable. The models are all easy to use and still make in danger and when there are speed cameras on the route, effective aware of oneself.

That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

The traffic warners work simply and reliably. The reason for this is that expensive and complex sensors have been dispensed with. The warners instead work with the community who understand the hazards and roadside speed cameras recognize and report. If several users have reported a speed camera, for example, it will appear in the database. The corresponding information about this is then passed on to the users. You can confirm the speed camera by pressing a button. The Bluetooth devices from Saphe are simply attached in the cockpit. The receivers come with a pluggable Air vent mount attached or with the help of double-sided tape. This makes using Saphe easier than you might think. No cable has to be laid and no additional power supply is required. The small receivers work with a rechargeable battery while the corresponding app is activated on the smartphone. In addition, information about the speed measurements and the danger spots is made available by means of databases.

the advantages compared to the smartphone app summarized:

  • no need to start the app manually before entering the vehicle
  • no operation from the smartphone necessary (App automatically connects to the smartphone and the device)
  • multiple smartphones can be paired
  • Automatic access to the, Flitsmeister, Social Drive database
  • to report a speed camera warning / a danger zone, no operation from the smartphone is necessary
  • Saphe can be used independently of the app.

Easy handle!

As already mentioned, using Saphe is extremely simple. First activate before entering the vehicle one-time the app. Once this has been downloaded and installed, the device will connect to the smartphone in the future always automaticallywhen you approach the vehicle. The fact that the pairing was successful is indicated briefly by means of beep acoustically and, depending on the Saphe device, one flash also visually confirmed. And Saphe is also able to deal with multiple smartphones to pair. Thanks to Saphe's easy handling, you quickly and reliably become part of a transport partner, who operates across Europe. In Germany, Saphe gives you access to the databases of the largest traffic apps - for example from If you are traveling in the Netherlands or Belgium, the app accesses the database of flash master to and in Spain on the database of Social drive.

That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

Traffic alarm and warning of speed cameras: the Saphe Drive Mini in the test!

That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

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