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Take care of the car: With these tips you will definitely succeed!

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ANRKY Wheels AN38 Tuning Ford GT 11 Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Those who prefer their own car dothan to repair it, who should get the vehicle save. Though not necessarily before repair costs protects, they can at least be reduced by appropriate handling. This leaves enough money to take the car with you special modifications to expand. So that the car during the long-awaited journey with the new Sports exhaust not fail, it should spared become. Because an unsportsmanlike noise from the engine compartment and no performance can quickly spoil the joy of the test drive. To prevent this from happening, it's worth keeping your own car in good shape. With these tips it will succeed - and save the car early damage.

Protect your car: With these tips it works!

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Tip: Take care of the car from day one

The service life of a vehicle can be increased through careful handling significantly influenced become. It doesn't matter if it's one New cars acts directly from the dealer or a second hand bought car. That should Oil and the cooling water being checked. Since it is unclear whether high-quality operating fluids have been used for a used car, a oil change be performed. At the same time, the oil filter changed become. Is suspected dirty or old cooling water, then this should also be replaced. It can also make sense to use the brake fluid switch. (There is more on this topic in our article "Coolant / washer fluid"!)"back

Sales contract Selling a car Document Receipt Protecting the car: With these tips you will definitely succeed!

Tip: Don't give up on false facts

When buying a car, it is important not to covered up Previous damage and none fake mileage to be subjugated. However, this is not just about buying a car Caution is advised - you should also not be misled by the fittings. That is why it is necessary to do it regularly critical consider. This is the only way to determine whether they are stuck, defective or deviate significantly from the actual conditions. In addition to the risk of being caught by a lightning bolt, the risk of the motor overheating increases as well, causing further problems that are overlooked. (There is more on this topic in our article "Buy tuning car"!)"back

Leasing Return End of the car Mileage Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Drive with your mind

According to the motto "Think and Drive" it is important to use the car as much as possible drive gently. It already starts in the head. In many cases the driver drives more or less exactly as it was taught in driving school. The feedback from the car is neglected and no attention is paid to what is going on. Fortunately, this only affects a few drivers, but to be on the safe side, it should be mentioned anyway. To be able to drive the car gently and to find out something ungewöhnlich appears, it is important to understand the basic structure. In this way you can develop a feeling that something is wrong with the car. This includes, for example, the internal combustion engine works and also which components interact and how. (There is more on this topic in our article "Avoid engine damage"!)"back

2020 Mazda RX7 F20C Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath 59 1200x800 1 1 Take care of the car: With these tips it is sure to succeed!

Tip: In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft

If you are in a hurry, for example to get to work quickly, you can drive off quickly as soon as the car is started. And a few meters after the start it will accelerated quickly, because without the right momentum it can be difficult to get into traffic. But there is the powerful acceleration so soon after the start, which the car doesn't like at all. In the long run, it will return the favor. Namely with the fact that it quits its service earlier than usual. So early acceleration should be like this long as possible be delayed - ideally until the engine dies optimal operating temperature reached. This ensures that the lubrication is perfect. And the same applies to the lubrication of the gear. Therefore care should be taken with little gas Driving off relaxed without accelerating too much before the engine has reached the right temperature - even if this is often difficult in today's traffic situation."back

Cold engine conserve speed Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Avoid the red speed range

The one on the fittings in red designated area is an area that it is about avoid applies. That is also the reason why this area is so clearly marked. It is a border area, in which, in the worst case, the pointer should be briefly but not permanently. There are distinct Differences. Because the value that is displayed on the rev counter can be influenced directly by the gas. But also that Oil and cooling water temperature display are decisive for the further journey and the protection of the vehicle. Please note the following:

  • Rapid acceleration: Rapid acceleration in the high speed range is generally harmful are notas long as the Basic requirement is fulfilled - namely that the engine Warmed up is. However, the duration and intensity should not be exaggerated. The engine must also be in order so that it does not harm it.
  • increased Temperature display: If the temperature display approaches the upper end of the scale, then it is often disproportionate high speed together. This is particularly negatively influenced by high speeds at low speeds. In this case it is important to switch off the engine quickly. This can prevent a Schaden caused by overheating. (There is more on this topic in our article "rev"!)

Important: If the temperature reading is well above the normal range while conditions are normal, it may be an indication that the Cylinder head gasket is defective."back

Canceling the speed limit Tuning Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Keep the tank out of the red area

In addition to the Rev counter and the Temperature Display also has the Fuel gauge over a red area. Although the car can still be driven in this area, it is advisable to avoid the reserve whenever possible. An almost empty tank does not necessarily result in direct damage, but it does not protect the car. Especially with older vehicles Rust and other Dirt particles have accumulated in the tank. During a long journey in the red area, these particles sink down and can therefore be sucked in more easily. That in turn can lead to the Fuel filter clogged. Can also Fuel pump thereby paralyzed or the particles get into the Combustion chamberwhere they cause harm.

Attention: Anyone with a vehicle diesel engine drives, he should avoid driving in the red area even more. If the fuel runs out completely, air is sucked in. If this is the case, the engine will not start even if the tank has been refilled and it is necessary to bleed the entire fuel system."back

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle fuel Take care of your car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: The right gear is crucial

If you want to protect the vehicle, you should also pay attention to the transmission. That concerns primarily manual shifts, since it is hardly of any importance for automatic, Tiptronic or paddle shifters. With modern transmissions, whether you switch with double-declutching depends on your driving and shifting style, but no longer necessary. Still, it can't be a shame that gas is downshifting easy to tap. This reduces the speed difference a little, which the Synchronizer rings relieved.

A faster gear change should be aimed for, especially on a sporty drive. From an economic point of view, it has its advantages, because the engine speed and speed drop sharply when changing gear. And the lost energy must first be recovered. So although it is called economically can apply, it should under no circumstances übertrieben become. Because the gang will zu schnell changed while the clutch is not depressed, this affects the transmission.

The synchromesh can with improper handling easily damaged because it is a complex construction. What is primarily affected is them Synchronizer rings. Coupled with a little bit of bad luck, that makes the gearbox one write-off suffers. (There is more on this topic in our article "Manual gearbox protection"!)"back

Mercedes E55 AMG W210 6-speed manual gearbox swap conversion 6 Protect the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: The correct motor setting is important

In addition to setting and coordinating vehicle technology, the own attitude important compared to the car. Each tuning measure affects the performance of the vehicle. Therefore it is necessary to check that the Fuel to air ratio still fits, like that too Ignition timing. Otherwise they may have to be reset. Because an increased Air content makes the mixture skinny, reducing the combustion temperature zu hoch and the engine can be damaged. Pay close attention to this, especially with charged engines. Because in this case there can quickly be large differences in the amount of air. (There is more on this topic in our article "Chiptuning"!)"back

RaceChip BMW M550i G30 LCI with Chiptuning 2 Take care of your car: With these tips you will definitely succeed!

Tip: The right glow

Turbochargers are through enormous exhaust gas temperatures as well as the high turbine speed. That ensures that in some cases glow red can. So not only the car and tuning enthusiasts glow for their vehicles, but also the associated ones turbocharger. If the engine is switched off, it is no longer supplied with oil. However, the oil is necessaryto keep him even to cool off. Otherwise you can tensions or Risse caused in the housing or the bearing can be damaged.

In order to protect the car, it is therefore advisable to take the last few kilometers of the journey a little quieter to tackle. So the turbo is not stressed too much. Sometimes it is also recommended to leave the vehicle a little longer idle allow. This allows the turbocharger to cool down, but it is off Environmental and noise protection reasons are prohibited. So it's best to go to one moderate ride put during the last few kilometers. (There is more on this topic in our article "Turbocharger repair"!)"back

BMW X3 M MHD Chiptuning S58B30 F97 LM900 Turbocharger Take care of the car: With these tips you will definitely succeed!

Tip: What is actually being refueled?

The fuel caution is also advised. That Diesel not in a gasoline engine heard or vice versa is clear. Likewise that Premium gasoline should be refueled, if so specified. Problems with that have largely been resolved since the disappearance of Regular petrol pumps.

However, the advent of the E10 fuel caused new confusion. Because this is gasoline that has a 10 percent share of Bio ethanol disposes. But not every gasoline engine can handle the fuel. Therefore, especially with older models, the classic Super petrol variant can be used. Sometimes materials can be attacked if the fuel is over one higher alcohol content disposes. This is especially true at exotics or vintage cars the case in which it is also important whether the engine is on a lead fuel is designed. If that is the case, then it must be supplementary Lead replacement be admitted. Otherwise it can lead to a Knock in the engine come and cause long-term damage. (There is more on this topic in our article "Misfuelling / misfuelling"!)"back

Save fuel, tune up with magnets. Take care of your car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Declare war on wear and tear

As tuning fans know, some modifications affect the wear of the vehicle. This greater burden is when sports suspension felt directly on the body. Also the sporty driving style contributes to one in such a case increased wear and tear at. That is the reason why the intervals of the oil change whenever possible shortened should be. Likewise other wearing parts and equipment such as brake fluid and transmission oil, but also Timing and spark. Components like the air filter should to counteract negative consequences, too renewed more often become. (There is more on this topic in our article "Service interval"!)"back

service interval reset 2 Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Definitely not to the bitter end

Sometimes you have to chipped parts hold out for a long time. In most cases, this is due to the lack of time or the high costs that must be expected. Even if it is understandable, it is still bad for the general condition of the vehicle. Finally, there can also be small defects affect other components. It also applies here that the condition of chipped parts is sometimes in shortest time worsened. If a defective wheel bearing has seized up, the costs increase. If a simple exchange had previously been possible, the costs and work would have been significantly higher.

The same goes for the loss of Olive oil or cooling water. For this, the Cause can be found so that the problem can be eliminated. An easy Observe and a steady one Equalize are not enough. Otherwise, the slight loss of cooling water can lead to a burst hose. Then becomes the threatening overheating not noticed for a moment, it comes to one engine failure. (There is more on this topic in our article "Oil cooler repair"!)"back

Loss of oil Auto engine oil repair costs e1607588829709 Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Handle the clutch with care

While it may be viewed as retiree driving style by some, or definitely annoying, it makes sense to do the hand brake to use more often. Namely when you are at one red light or on an incline stands. This effectively and easily protects the car. Holding the clutch on Grinding point is harmful for the release bearing, as well as pushing the clutch through over a longer period of time. The best for the health of the car is therefore: clutch, take out gear and hand brake anziehen. (There is more on this topic in our article "Change clutch"!)"back

Clutch Delay Valve CDV 3 Take care of your car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Beware of problems with the cooling water

A regular look at the Temperature Display can save the life of the engine. Because if it hits the lower limit during operation, action must be taken immediately. When the cooling fan is turned on when necessary does not turn on automatically, this has the unpleasant side effect that the cylinder head gasket will eventually Schaden takes. There can be various reasons for the cooling fan to stop working, but it is often caused by small things. Examples are a defective temperature sensor, Relais or a demolished one Cables. Also a defective one Ad or an unexpected one Cooling water loss can to Death from overheating the cylinder head gasket to lead. Regardless of whether it is a leaking , or burst Hose deals: As soon as the temperature sensor is no longer flowed around by water, it is no longer possible for it to measure the temperature and the display falls back to the lower stop. (There is more on this topic in our article "Coolant / washer fluid"!)"back

Oil cooling water preheater heating pad engine heat cooling water e1574404049703 Protect your car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: It all depends on the air pressure

Worn tires are a problem because the correct air pressure in the tires is important. The lower the air pressure in the tire, the faster it can burst. In addition, tires with insufficient air pressure are subject to wear more quickly. Your profile will be there improper and unevenly run down - this also applies if the tire pressure zu hoch is. In addition to a badly worn profile, the handling of the vehicle is also made worse. (There is more on this topic in our article "correct air pressure"!)

Important: If the tires are worn unevenly, it cannot just be due to incorrect tire pressure. Also defective shock absorbers or adjusted chassis geometry can help. The tread depth - It is important not to be fooled:

  • Lowered cars: In lowered cars, which come along with a heavy fall, it often happens that the tires only inside have left.
  • High air pressure: When the air pressure is high, the wear and tear is mainly found in the Mitte.
  • Old tires: If the tires are more than 6 years old, air pressure and tread depth are irrelevant because they should exchanged become. This is because they are too old and age can negatively affect the rubber compound."back

Semislick Semi Slicks air pressure Protect the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Cars also need fluids

One of the most important liquids is the Treibstoff viewed without which the car cannot drive. However, there are other fluids in the car that should be checked regularly - ideally Weekly. The Oil and coolant levels. It is normal to add a little oil from time to time, but the oil loss should not increase disproportionately. In this case something is wrong. And this deficiency should as soon as possible be resolved.

High-performance brake fluid Hydraulic fluid 5 e1581491571641 Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

It is similar with cooling water. However, even less fluid can be lost here, because the cooling circuit is a closed system. That means: actually should be here absolutely none Fluid will be lost. Not to be forgotten are other fluids like that Hydraulic oilthat for the Power Steering is necessary, as well as that brake fluid.

Attention: When changing the oil, important parts should never be saved. If the car is equipped with an oil filter with a check valve, it should be replaced with a equivalent spare part to be invested. Because it ensures quick lubrication when the engine is started. (There is more on this topic in our article "oil change"!)"back

VW Golf 6 MK6 Oil Change Filter Tuning Take care of the car: With these tips it will definitely work!

Tip: Cleanliness for your own vehicle

That a neat car should be clean, at least is on Tuning meeting and -measure up a matter of course. It is also clear that the car wash is not doing your own car a favor. Because although it's a quick and convenient form of cleaning, the car wash is rarely gentle on the paint at the car. So it's better to go on Handwash to put. Is doing a Pressure Washer should always be used on one adequate pressure as well as the matching Spray distance be respected. So no parts are damaged and in the critical places no water can penetrate. Particularly rust-prone Places like the wheel arches should always as clean as possible .

Important: Acidic soiling, for example Bird droppings, should immediately remote will. The acid contained in it attacks the paint. (There is more on this topic in our article "Car wash / hand wash / car wax"!)"back

Washing the car cleaning tips care foiling 4 e1598676480773 Take care of the car: With these tips it will surely succeed!

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