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Tuning kit on the E Scooter - dangerous trend development !!

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E Scooter E Roller Tuning 3 Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!


E-scooters have been an integral part of our road traffic system for over a year. Similar models can be found everywhere, from the well-known manufacturers. All are standardized and therefore a bit boring. But how can you stand out from the crowd? Tuning is the right technical term. Today I will show you how you can tune your electric scooter and what you have to consider with the legal basics.

Change speed - engine tuning

First of all I have to make a sobering announcement to you: If you want to speed up your e-scooter with regard to speed, you are illegally traveling on the streets! Paragraph 134 of the Motor Vehicle Act provides for fines of up to 5.000 euros or six weeks in prison. Driving is therefore only permitted on private property and no liability can be accepted. Protective equipment should also always be worn to avoid major injuries from falling at high speed

E Scooter E Roller Tuning Speedbox Chiptuning Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!

The speed is regulated by software in the scooter. Most scooters would reach speeds of up to 60 km / h purely technically. However, this depends heavily on the engine power and these do not have any road approval. The most common models have between 150 and 750 watts. Throttling to 20 km / h takes place via the firmware.

In this post I show you my top 3 e-scooters with approval:

The current best e-scooters in comparison

The speed can be increased by deliberately manipulating the software using methods such as map optimization / chip tuning.

Of course, a stronger motor can also be installed if the necessary skill is available. With some inexpensive scooter models, it is sufficient to simply cut through a certain cable to remove the throttling.

Providers like ScooterBosst by Mountain Tuning provide a professional way to speed up your e-scooter. With the help of this module, the following and known e-scooters can be tuned: The Urban #HMBRG, Egret Eight V3, The Urban #BRLN, The Urban #RVLTN, Egret Ten V4.

E Scooter E Roller Tuning 6 e1594483328669 Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!

This module quickly turns 350 watts into a whopping 650 watts of peak power. This has a positive effect on the top speed. So speeds of 30 km / h and more are possible.

Top models can be increased from 500 watts to 800 watts peak power, so speeds of up to 38 km / h are possible.

The speed also depends on other factors:

  • The weight of the driver, the higher the weight, the lower the top speed.
  • The road surface, a smooth road offers better grip and has a positive effect.
  • The slope, the more slope the route has, the more power the e-scooter has to exert. Even a small, barely visible slope can have a high impact on the top speed.
  • The outside temperature, low or too high temperatures have a negative effect on the battery and also on the performance of the engine. The optimal temperature for driving the e-scooter is between 10 and 30 degrees.

There are other factors, such as the type of tire, size and width, as well as the battery and the corresponding software, which can have a positive or negative effect on performance.

If you choose a tuning module, you can install it yourself or leave it to a specialist.

E Scooter E Roller Tuning 7 Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!

The installation of this module is apparently easy: you connect it to the appropriate cable harness and the job is done. The module can be activated or deactivated with an appropriate key sequence. Activating the ScooterBoost removes the speed limit of 20 km / h.

Manufacturers like SXT offer entire tuning kits that contain an engine and a suitable control unit.

2. The optical change of your e-scooter:

In addition to the technical changes in speed, there are also a few tuning options that do not contradict the road traffic regulations. Many manufacturers offer a range of adhesive motifs or foils for e-scooters, bicycles and the like on the Internet.

These may not only cover the lights or the insurance sticker. The paint of your scooter and the handles can also be changed.

E Scooter E Roller Tuning 8 Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!

Some gadgets can also help you to set your e-scooter apart from the others. A shoulder strap is such a gadget, for example. The belt makes it easy to transport your e-scooter. You can just hang it over your shoulder and start running. Stairs or narrow lifts are no longer an obstacle.

There is also the option of attaching a bottle holder. So you always have something to drink and don't need any more space in your pocket.

Apropo bag ... You can expand your e-scooter with a handlebar bag, so you don't need to take a backpack with you and always have the most important things with you, such as keys, cell phone, papers and tools.

If you like to drive long distances, a cell phone holder might be the right thing for you. Simply mounted on the handlebar, you can use your cell phone as a navigation system.

E Scooter E Roller Tuning 9 Tuning Kit on E Scooter dangerous trend development !!

For those who really love their e-scooter, an alarm system or lock should not be missing. Theft is unfortunately the order of the day in many major cities. This gadget opens your e-scooter not only visually, but also acoustically.

As soon as someone tries to steal your scooter, a very loud noise sounds and scares away any thief.

In this article you will find out more about e-scooter accessories:

The best accessories for your e-scooter

Finally, there is also the possibility to modify your scooter with lights and LEDs. One option is underbody lighting, which you can attach to your scooter, under the footboard, similar to the well-known cars from films like Fast and Furious.

It is best to use battery-operated LED strips for this. So you don't have to make any changes to the electronics. However, a warning in advance: These conversions are not permitted on the road. With such lighting, your insurance coverage expires with immediate effect.

At the end... The prescribed 20 km / h must not be exceeded in road traffic. If you do so, you will face heavy fines. However, this is permitted for use on private property.

In addition to engine tuning, you can also legally tune your scooter using gadgets, accessories, stickers and lights. So you get a unique piece, which always attracts attention.

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