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Seat extension Leg extension Thigh support For tall people more comfort the seat extension

Are you looking for a way to safely support your legs while driving and to relieve leg fatigue? Then a seat extension (not to be confused with the  Seat rail extension) for the car interesting for you. The seat extension for the vehicle is also easily retrofittable in the form of a legrest. You can buy such an extension online and easily and quickly install in your vehicle if your vehicle is not factory-fitted with such a seat extension. Below we explain to you, what is important when buying a legrest and what advantages these articles offer.

Seat extension for the car

Seat extension Leg extension Thigh support 3 For tall people more comfort the seat extension

A leg rest is cheap to buy for the car in the form of a seat extension. The seat extension is a leg rest, also known as leg cushion, which can be easily placed on the driver or front passenger seat. Alternative terms for the leg rest are thigh extension, thigh support, leg extension and thigh pad, etc. The article is intended as an extension of the seat and relieve the leg muscles while driving in the area of ​​the front thigh. On the Internet articles are available with universal fit or specifically for certain car brands and seats. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the seat extensions can be purchased at a good price-performance ratio. Furthermore, the models are often universally applicable and can be used not only in the car, but also away from the vehicle.

Seat extension for the car - versatile

Seat extensions in the form of leg rests and leg cushions are not only good for use in the car. You can also use the items in trains and buses as well as in your office (home office) or camping. The seat extensions work like a support and are simply placed on the seat in car, bus, train or office chair. Whether such a leg rest but fits in your office chair, that you should clarify before buying.

Leg extension - what to look for when buying?

Seat extension Leg extension Thigh support 2 e1574484207385 For tall people more comfort the seat extension

When buying a leg extension, you should look for a sturdy, high-quality, durable material on which the legs rest comfortably. Depending on the manufacturer, the article may be made of leather or another material. It is important that the article is comfortable and soft for you so that you can support your knees and legs optimally. By supporting the legs and knees while riding, muscle groups can be relieved and the legs will not tire so quickly. Also commercially available are articles suitable for long-distance traffic, benches, offices, kitchens, sofas, aircraft seats and recliners. Some manufacturers also claim that the seat extension is suitable for all types of chairs. In general, the dimensions should be considered before buying such an article. The dimensions are given in the product descriptions and you can check whether the item fits perfectly on your car seat or other seats, sofas or chairs.

At the end... A seat extension for the car to relieve legs and knees during long car and truck rides. When buying, for example, should be paid to high-quality materials, the appropriate dimensions and versatility. If the car already has an adjustable thigh support then an additional seat extension is not possible. The same is almost always true for Bucket seats, The seat extension can also be used for the back seat. Make sure she is secure and can not slip or come loose. Also make sure that the seat is flat and does not have uncomfortable bulges around the seat extension.

Seat extension Leg extension Thigh support 5 For tall people more comfort the seat extension
much more elaborate variant for the rear

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Girth dummy Dummy Anti Gurtwarner 310x165 For large people more comfort the seat extension

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