Sectioning - the supreme discipline in the custom car and hot rod sector

One of the biggest challenges for tuners is changing the proportions of an automobile, which can happen either vertically or horizontally. The three basic concepts in the field of custom car building are Chopping, Channeling and sectioning. Sectioning is far more complicated than chopping, which involves lowering the roof of a car, and channeling, which is only possible on ladder-frame cars, and lowers the ride height without making the suspension modifications. In so-called sectioning, a horizontal piece of the car's body is removed and the upper half of the car is moved closer to the lower half of the body. This changes the proportions a lot and gets a lot of applause for it in the hot rod scene.

the supreme discipline

A clear example based on a model car on a scale of 1:25 should clarify the process for you: The most difficult process in sectioning is placing the cuts. Start by cutting a 0,3 cm wide piece of tape, which corresponds to 7,5 cm for a 1:1 model, and attach it to your model car. Once you add the width of the saw blade to the width of the tape, you'll get the maximum amount you can take away horizontally.

True to scale, this amounts to around 0,5 cm and ensures that the proportions of the car have already changed significantly. Then take a pencil and mark the corners to draw a guide for the incisions. After the incision you will need to remove the tape and cut the plastic between the marks with a box cutter and fine saw.

left series / right with sectioning

After this operation, you will have two body panels since you have taken out a piece horizontally. Now smooth the corners and edges with a file and then test whether the two parts of the body fit together seamlessly again. Due to this extreme conversion of the body, the parts of the interior also have to be adapted. These are reduced in height by the same amount as the body. The underbody needs the same modifications as the body and interior, which is why the alternator and air filter also have to be placed lower. It makes sense to adapt the entire motor unit to the visual changes at the same time.

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