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Retrofitting self-driving function (autonomous driving)

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autonomous driving interior retrofitting self-driving function (autonomous driving) possible?

Some people dream of getting away from their car by means of Autopilot to be chauffeured. However, this dream is not that easy to realize. In principle just stay here four options. The first option would be one Tesla to acquire in which one Autopilot is built in and the one street legal Has. Second option would be one Driver and a corresponding chauffeur limousine. The next option would be to invest a lot of money and own your own car luxury to buy. The numerous assistance systems installed there then at least wake up in their entirety the impression of an autopilot. However, who over a little Talent and perseverance has and roughly 700 Euros has available, you can use your own car DIY kit upgrade with an autopilot.

Brevan Jorganson, a student at the University of Nebraska, once set himself the task and his Honda Civic converted into a self-driving car. The plans of the Comma One project served him here as a base. In the Technolog Review, Brevan said the conversion worked well and now his car really did drive independently. However, it has not yet run for a long time security test given. From one Zulassung not to mention of course!

Facebook and Tesla weren't interesting enough

Georg Hotz is behind the Comma One project. Hotz became famous for hacking Playstations and iPhones. In the past, Hotz worked for Facebook. Tesla had an eye on him too. However, Hotz showed no interest in working for Tesla and took a different direction. He developed the DIY set for self-driving cars and made the instructions available to all users on the Internet free of charge. The founding of Comma One was accompanied by the promise to bring a DIY kit with a few components to the market. It was his wish to enable every motivated hobbyist to equip his car with an autopilot.

Retrofitting Comma One project self-driving function (autonomous driving) possible?

Autonomous driving - what is needed?

  1. One acting as a driver AI application
  2. The AI ​​has to go with it LiDAR or radar sensors can see
  3. The AI ​​has to take the vehicle with it adapted actuators bedienen

What has to happen for cars to drive autonomously?

Some start-up companies are already developing Retrofit setsthat enable autonomous driving. There are currently at least 50 companies around the world that are known to us on this topic. They are working on equipping cars with the possibility of autonomous driving that are already available up to 10 years old are. For this only one should then parking assistant and an Adaptive speed regulator are needed. The retrofitting should then be a autonomous driving up to the third level to be possible.

Suitable engines

The autonomous retrofit set works with both electric drives as well with Internal combustion engines. With regard to the transmission, the vehicles need a Dual clutch or automatic transmission.

Copernicus autonomous retrofit kit 3 retrofitting self-driving function (autonomous driving) possible?

Function of the retrofit solutions

The retrofitting sets contain different cameras. However, the sensors already in the vehicle must also tapped become. In addition, the retrofit sets work with a LiDAR sensor. This recognizes its surroundings, whereby the exact position can be determined. This sensor must also be connected to the assistance systems installed in the vehicle. In contrast to older cars, modern vehicles already have a large number of sensors and assistance systems. Often they also have GPS. In the event of an accident, the GPS transmits the location of the car for the eCall for the rescue workers. The already existing sensors must therefore be equipped with additional sensors extended .

One company explains that it can be retrofitted for the accelerator and brake pedals and for the steering wheel a control unit is needed. A camera, a touchscreen and a control unit are also to be installed.

Testing the retrofit sets

Secure data is necessary for the acceptance of autonomous driving to grow. The most profitable technology is in this case Deep Learning. An artificial neural network (ANN) uses deep learning to learn how to drive a car. This is partly done in simulated environments. It is not uncommon for start-ups to even use the computer game Grand Theft Auto V. However, the best data is still provided by reality.

Retrofit autonomous driving e1620015757757 Self-driving function (autonomous driving) retrofitting possible?

Potential dangers with retrofit solutions

As with all technologies, errors can also occur with the retrofit kits. The biggest problem here is that the sets are extreme Reliable have to work in every vehicle. At the same time, operating errors by the user are allowed no influence have on driving behavior. Last but not least, they also have Regulatory agencies to have a say.

At the end... Fully autonomous cars that move on Germany's roads without the driver having to lift a finger seem to be a long way off. Currently it is motorists strictly prohibitedtaking your hands off the steering wheel for a long time (a few seconds maximum), even though many vehicles have one Lane keeping assist and things like Adaptive Cruise Control feature. So it could be a long time before the registration offices and the legislature are convinced that it is a good idea for a vehicle to reach its destination automatically and without the driver having to do anything.

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Copernicus autonomous retrofit kit 2 retrofitting self-driving function (autonomous driving) possible?

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