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Rent a Ferrari Scratch return Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

If the vehicle is defective and the broken components need to be repaired or replaced, then that can be done quickly expensive will. Depending on the age of the vehicle, installing new vehicle parts may not be worthwhile and it makes sense to used automotive parts to use. After all, it should be possible to repair a car economically and the cost-benefit factor must be taken into account in a vehicle repair. Smaller damage can often be repaired yourself without having to drive to the workshop. The typical damage that occurs in older vehicles and can be repaired is listed below.

Self-made repairs

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  1. Polster
  2. Convertible top
  3. dashboard
  4. bumper
  5. Exhaust System
  6. Rear window heating
  7. Windshield
  8. vehicle paint
  9. tire
  10. cooling system
  11. Rust

Weak point upholstery

hole upholstery auto repair Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Cushions wear out over time and burn holes can occur in the cushions, especially in the case of smokers. The latter can, however, be repaired relatively easily. And in many cases this also applies to leather upholstery. Here too there is Repair kits.

Repair of upholstery holes

  • Burn holes in car upholstery, in the headliner and in the carpets of the vehicle can be done on your own mended .
    However, if there is a burn hole in a cover or if the cover has a larger crack, a professional workshop is often the right address.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • A burn hole can also be quickly repaired by the layperson. The hobby repairer can, for example, place a piece of carpet under the vehicle seat that cannot be seen from the outside punch out. The punched piece of carpet should be as big as the burn hole. The punched-out piece of carpet can then be put into the burn hole in the carpet can be used. The burn hole can also be punched out to get the same hole size. A burn hole in the carpet can also go through Carpet lint be resolved. The lint is removed by a Carpet shave won. A major crack in the cover should be fixed by a professional.
  • More Info there is in our article "Using liquid leather to repair car seats?". "Back to top

the convertible top

hole convertible top e1630046453299 self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

With convertibles it wears out roof with time. Fabric tops in particular are subject to wear and tear and the fabric is damaged and rubbed off over time. Vandalism also often leads to damage to convertible tops.

Repair of the convertible top

  • Fabric tops can partial be renewed and whether the repair can be carried out yourself or whether a workshop should be commissioned depends on the repair result. Are in specialist shops repair kits available for convertible tops. These can be purchased from 15 euros and up and enable partial top repairs. The disadvantage, however, lies in the appearance, because the repair is almost always visible. If no emergency repair is to be made, but one inconspicuous result a workshop should be sought for advice.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • You have to do the repair yourself professional take place. The instructions enclosed with the repair kit should be followed exactly. As a rule, the area to be repaired has to be found first gereinigt will. An adhesive is usually used to attach the patch and this has to dry for a certain time. However, the patches often do not really match the soft top color or structure. And if the top weathered is, then one should Refreshing colors be considered.

Canopy just weathered and not defective?

Dashboard vulnerability

hole dashboard repair Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Holes in the dashboard and dashboard wear are not uncommon. Holes in the dashboard are created, for example, by attaching a mobile phone holder. Broken areas and bleached surfaces can often not be avoided. Why? Because the Sun can damage the dashboard properly over the years. Finally are +50 degrees not uncommon in the cabin of the vehicle in midsummer.

Repair of dashboard holes

  • Holes in plastics and other dashboard materials can be closed. Even if there are cracks, they can be glued. But whether a professional repair is necessary or a repair can be carried out by yourself depends on the material, surface structure and color of the dashboard. It is not easy to find the exact color, but repair kits are available that can be purchased for as little as 15 euros and that promise at least a slightly improved look.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • Holes in the dash can be found in a repair shop professionally locked will. To be Negative impressions made to preserve the surface structure and it is worked with foil and heat. The color is mixed professionally and the hole disappears completely. With self-repair, a special set can be used or it will dough used and put in the hole. The putty can then be modeled appropriately. Then a Cover color can be used. However, the result of DIY repairs is rarely satisfactory. "Back to top

Bumpers weak point

hole apron bumper repair 1 e1630046671924 self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Bumpers are there to To absorb shocks and are unfortunately often damaged when parking. Most bumpers are made of plastic and cracks often occur in the bumper.

Repair of cracks and scratches

  • Bumpers with deep scratches and cracks can also be repaired yourself. Even broken plastic can often be reattached to the bumper and brought back into shape. Bumpers can be made roadworthy again relatively quickly. For hobby repairers, however, the result is visual not always inconspicuous. However, if the appearance is secondary and only traffic safety is to be restored, then such repairs on your own can be completely sufficient.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • If you want to repair bumpers yourself, you absolutely have to keep the fragments of the aprons and put them back exactly where they were. The fractions can partly also with Sheet metal be repaired again in order to restore marketability. Alternatively, there are also putty sets (epoxy repair kits) with "repair plasters", "repair putty" etc. When repairs to bumpers, the result must be as smooth as possible. It may no sharp areas to be available. Smoothing can be done by filling and sanding. Then you paint the area with a Spray can over and usually the result is at least better than before.
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Weak point exhaust system

Rust exhaust system repair e1630046775278 Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

The exhaust is particularly exposed to the natural elements and the sometimes enormous temperature fluctuations as well as puddles, salt or condensation water affect the system over the years. But the road salt in particular attacks the exhaust. Exceptions are here Stainless steel exhaust systems. These are only noticeable through porous mountings / rubber bearings or a weathered look. However, there is no real damage if the device is used properly.

Repair of the exhaust system

  • There are holes in the exhaust system repairable. Pipes can also be replaced. Matching tailpipes and other automotive parts are easily available and sometimes for well under 50 euros. Should be about a muffler are replaced by a VW Golf IV, prices start at about 35 €. However, if welding work is necessary, then a professional should be consulted.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • The exhaust system is an important part of the vehicle and must function perfectly. Doing repairs yourself is therefore not always recommended. The vehicle itself has to have one poetry Have an exhaust so that the interior is not flooded with toxic carbon monoxide. To plug smaller holes are often Repair sheets and welding work necessary. And when exhaust pipes have to be cut, a cut-off cutter is also required.
  • More Info there is in our article "Defective exhaust? This is to be done when there is booming and noise!". "Back to top

Rear window heating weak point

Rear window heating defective Repair e1630046875352 Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Cheap vehicles often have heating wires printed on the inside of the rear window. However, the window heating can easily be damaged. This can happen if, for example, various things are regularly placed on the parcel shelf or if there is a nsubsequent window tinting was installed.

Repair of the windshield heating

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • The small repair area can be repaired with silver varnish or conductive varnish. The wires on the rear window have a protective varnish on the conductor tracks. This must be carefully removed. Before the repair, masking tape (painter's tape) should be attached to the right and left of the affected conductor track (about 2 millimeters apart) and the conductor track filled with conductive varnish.
  • More Info there is in our article "Retrofit rear window heater or mirror heater?". "Back to top

Windshield weak point

field of view windshield car stone chip 5 e1603650312611 self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Stone chips that lead to holes in the first laminated safety glass layer of the windshield are not uncommon. In particular, vehicles that are regularly on the highway will sooner or later become one Stone chips in the windshield to have.

Repair of the windshield

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

A repair on your own is nicht sinnvoll or even recommendable. It is advisable to have the windshield only from the professional to have it repaired. Depending on the size of the damage, the windshield may also need to be replaced. The partially comprehensive cover may pay for the repair complete or it will just be that excess due. Vehicles that only have liability insurance, however, get the damage should not replaced. "Back to top

Vehicle paintwork weak point

QUIXX paint repair pen Order 1 Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

Damage to paintwork caused by stone chips can rarely be avoided. There are various paint protection films for vehicles, but if you have them applied, you often pay about as much as if the front of the vehicle had to be repainted.

Repair of paint damage

  • Paint damage caused by stone chips or minor accidents (e.g. when getting out of the garage) can be repaired yourself. A Touch-up pen is often available in body color. In the case of larger paint damage and for an optically optimal result, however, a professional should be sought.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • Paint damage should be possible contemporary can be fixed because the metal under the paint can roast. Before applying the varnish, the area should be thoroughly to be cleaned and dry be. Then simply touch up the stone chips with the touch-up pencil according to the instructions and let the splash of color dry for a few hours. Then it can go back to the streets.

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Tire weak point

Tire retracted plates nail screw mending e1598261932832 Self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

A tire can quickly become deflated. The reason for this is a nail in the tire or it was driven over a screw. Contact with a curb or other sharp object can also cause damage.

Repair of tires

  • If there is a hole in the tire tread, it can be patched.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • However, tires should absolutely just be repaired by a professional. If there is air leakage then it should be on no case at all a breakdown kit can be used if the tire still needs to be professionally repaired. Repairs are no longer possible after using a sealant (from the breakdown kit). Generally should no repairs on your own take place. A repair by a professional is absolutely necessary. They can also decide whether the tire can be repaired at all or whether a tire replacement is necessary.
  • More Info there is in our article "Mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?". "Back to top

Cooling system weak point

engine overheated engine damage radiator hose self-made repair? With our tips it will definitely work!

The cooling system is often affected by marten bites. The cooling water hoses are perforated after the bites. A leaking cooling system can also result from falling rocks, corrosion and accidents. Also the different temperatures can in the long run be responsible for porous areas and an associated leak.

Repair of the cooling

  • Holes in the cooling hose should only in the event of a breakdown need to be repaired. A professional repair of the cooling system is an advantage. However, soldering work may be necessary for repairs and this can be done better by a professional. It is also possible that many parts in the engine compartment and a large part of the front of the vehicle have to be removed / deinstalled before the repair.

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • If the cooling system is damaged, then the expansion tank should under no circumstances opened when the engine is hot. This is because it is under pressure and severe scalds can occur. If damaged hoses are noticed, they should be professionally replaced. If the cooler is broken, it can be sealed with steel putty or a special liquid mended will. However, it is advisable to do such a repair only in emergency and only if there is no breakdown service available to tow the car. It is better to call a breakdown service and have the repairs carried out in a specialist workshop.
  • If the coolant temperature is too high, it helps to turn the fan on highest step to temporarily lower the temperature. If the temperature does not fall, but continues to rise, the car must be parked safely and the engine must be switched off. A lack of coolant can in case of emergancy by tap water be replaced.
  • More Info there is in our article "Everything you need to know about radiator antifreeze!". "Back to top

Rust weak point

Zinc paste assembly paste rust protection tuning 3 Self-made repairs? With our tips it will definitely work!

Rust can often be found on sills, the wheel arches or on the underbody. Older vehicles in particular rust and the rust perforation can mean that the vehicle is no longer allowed to be driven. In order to remove heavy rust, the holder usually has to be able to handle a welding device.

Repair of rust spots

  • Rust spots on fenders, sills and in the underbody area can be caused by welding and various Repair sheets be eliminated. However, if the rust is on the axles or in the frame area, then simple welding work is no longer enough, as it is allowed in certain areas of the vehicle not welded .

I prefer welding in the workshop

  • Simple rust spots in areas where welding allowed is allowed with one Inert gas welding machine to be edited. This means that an experienced welder should do the repairs. If you don't know a screwdriver who also does welding work, you should contact a specialist workshop. Of course, you can also attend a welding course for 200 euros or more so that you can do the welding yourself. In the long run and across several vehicles, it might pay off. But don't forget one welding machine and hydraulic ramp then maybe have to be rented and that costs around 30 euros per hour.
  • More Info there is in our article "What are reinforcement plates needed for tuning?".

Repair it yourself - what should you watch out for?

  • If you want to repair rust spots yourself, you have to be able to weld. Before starting the welding work, it must be ensured that no flammable objects and substances are nearby. Flammable objects must also be removed from the interior. Furthermore, a suitable Fire Extinguisher stand by. The grate must be large remote will. The sheet metal concerned must be completely removed after the rust has been removed blank be. The preliminary work therefore also includes removing the paint. When the rust has been removed, a primer, possibly rust converter and perhaps also spatula must be applied so that no new rust can develop. Depending on the situation, the procedure is of course completely different! "Back to top

At the end... Small damage can in certain circumstances repaired on their own by the hobby mechanic. However, if damage has occurred that endangers road safety, then a professional should carry out the repair. This also applies if the repair of the hobby screwdriver could endanger safety.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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