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Sequential gear - a mix of automatic and gearshift

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Retrofit sequential gearbox Tuning 4 sequential gearboxes a mixture of automatic and shifting

One of the most common names for the sequential gear is the so-called semi-automatic. The term results from the special role of the transmission as a hybrid of automatic and circuit. While the operation in full automatic mode has no restrictions, on the other hand, when shifting in the sequential transmission, only shifting into the next higher or next lower gear is possible. This limits the freedom compared to the normal circuit a little. The advantage, however, is the elimination of the torque converter, which is beneficial due to its low efficiency increased consumption. Sequential gearboxes are often found on motorcycles.

various technical solutions

Retrofit sequential gearbox Tuning 3 sequential gearboxes a mixture of automatic and shifting

An example of sequential transmissions are the dual-clutch transmissions. In contrast to the fully automatic transmission, which works with a hydraulic torque converter, the torque is transmitted via two clutches in combination with corresponding partial transmissions. Other classic sequential gearboxes include: the pull key and bevel gear. In the bevel gear, a cone pushes balls between the shaft and the gear wheel, resulting in a conclusion of this. The draw key transmission in turn implements a similar principle by means of a wedge.

the retrofitting of a sequential gearbox

Retrofit sequential gearbox Tuning2 Sequential gearbox a mixture of automatic and shift

For the retrofitting of a sequential gearbox, there are various options, but first it must be clarified whether the car is suitable for retrofitting and which manufacturer should be chosen at all. If the retrofit is possible and the manufacturer found there are two approaches. The first is to hire a professional workshop specialized in retrofitting sequential gearboxes. The second, riskier and more time consuming, is the independent retrofitting of the transmission. However, some factors that can not be neglected play a role in this success, such as their own technical skills, access to the corresponding parts, precise design ideas for the safe implementation of the conversion, and finally essential basics in autotuning. If these points are fulfilled, however, an independent upgrade can also be considered.

elaborate but quite useful in tuning

Retrofitting sequential gearboxes Tuning sequential gearboxes is a mixture of automatic and shifting

The installation of a sequential gearbox does not only have purely technical components. Many people are displeased with the idea of ​​driving with pure automatic, since the positive driving experience is closely linked to the active intervention in the driving process, for example via the upshift and downshift. A sequential gearbox addresses this request. By simply tapping the lever, the switching process can be controlled. However, the actual upshift is automatically controlled so that, similar to the fully automatic transmission, it is switched closer to the optimum point. This not least leads to a protection of the engine and to a longer maintenance of essential vehicle components. Apart from that, with a sequential gearbox, reversing can also be performed better than full automatic.

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