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Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

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sex spec car Tuning over the top Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

The sex-spec style was discovered in the early 2000s and vehicles modified accordingly are known as sex spec cars. Such a vehicle is considered "over the top customization" and has to offer characteristic vehicle tuning. What defines a sex spec car and whether this style is still in demand today is explained in more detail below.

2000s presentation of modernity

sex spec car Tuning over the top 3 Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

A sex spec car is usually equipped with an enormous sound system that is incorporated into the vehicle interior. There is almost no limit to the technology that can / may be integrated into such a vehicle. In addition to the stereo systems, many TV screens are built into the vehicle in senseless places. Even big, heavy ones Chrome rims has a sex spec car to offer. Colored panels (painted panels) are also part of the sex spec car. Game consoles can also be integrated into such a vehicle. The main focus is on the term "custom modified". This means that sex spec cars are modified and individualized according to customer requirements. Sex spec cars are sometimes equipped with bright colors that correspond to the wishes of the customer. Other modifications such as “scissor or suicide doors” are also conceivable. Tribal vinyl (Tattoo related graphics) can also be found in such a vehicle.

often with nitrous oxide injection

CO2 Fake Purge kit NOS Nitrous Oxide Fake Kit Tuning NOS Bottle 3 e1560508231130 Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

In addition, the racing factor of the vehicles is undeniable. So sex spec cars can use oversized bottles NOS nitrous oxide possess that are positioned in a particularly recognizable way. This allows the engine output to be increased extremely for a short time. The vehicles should look like an over-the-top modification. Sex spec cars are not tuned hidden, but should stand out and reflect the individual vehicle character. The over-the-top modification also means that almost every vehicle area has been changed. So if possible there should be a refined engine compartment, a fully developed trunk and maybe even a chrome-plated underbody.

Sex spec car - still popular today?

The sex spec car Tuning is known from the USA and is still practiced in isolated cases. But not every tuner can get something out of this style. In Germany, the tuning of vehicles to a sex spec car is almost unknown. The vehicles may have been accidentally discovered by one or the other on the Internet, but are not necessarily characterized as sex spec cars. There is even a survey on some blog pages on the Internet as to whether the sex spec car tuning is popular or not. The tuning is always interesting and over-the-top tuning brings many possibilities for individualization. If you don't like the sex spec car tuning, you can discover other individual tuning variants and be inspired by the imagination of the tuners.

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sex spec car Tuning over the top 4 Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

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Fellling fur foiling fur cover tuning 1 e1589562682341 310x165 Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

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Tuning Quick Fill System Schnelltankanlage e1589531377296 310x165 Sex spec car: 2000s presentation of modernity in the car

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